Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Birthday To Jack And Sam III

I was contemplating participating in Wordless Wednesday, then a quick glance at the calendar changed the post's direction. My chicken scratch scribblings noted that today is Jack and Sam III's Second birthday. It seems like only yesterday I was still inconsolable over losing my dear little Miniature Schnauzer of 15 years, Maxie. Where has the time gone?

Above is when they where first settling in (do JRT's ever settle?!) and a rare moment of being sedate. At first they seemed to view us with distrust, as if these strange giants (us) where going to eat them or something equally disagreeable.

I wouldn't do that.

Too stringy.


Here they are in a life-or-death tussle over a stick. I buy them nice, healthy toys and what do they do? Play with debris. Go figure.

Now they're sparing over who can stretch the longest.

I've noticed that in many ways Jack Russell Terriers act like cats. As many know, JRT's do not like anything of the feline persuasion. We where warned vehemently about that before bringing them home. "Do not own a cat ..." "Ok, ok," I remember thinking, "I won't own a cat." Well, I finally figured out why. It's because they don't like the competition. JRT's are fastidious, stealthy, alert, love to stretch and never seem to sit still for long. They really are wonderful dogs if one can get past the first year or so. During that time either stay medicated or get a hobby that requires multiple hours away from home. They almost drove us to distraction with their hyper activity those first few months. Now, of course, I couldn't imagine my life without them.

Happy Birthday little guys. I look forward to many years of enjoying your antics.

And if I could just teach them how to ride on the handlebars ... (wouldn't that be a hoot!?).


Wiregrass Steve said...

Happy Birthday boys. And like cats, they also enjoy catching their own food, rabbit being their favorite.

Patsy said...

Yes it would and I have seen something like before. Are you working on it? LOL
Happy Birthday To your best friends.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the little fellas! They are so cute and seem to really love each other.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I did not know JRTs don't like cats. Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier is afraid of cats. We have many roaming in our garden from the neighbours' and he will not chase them away.

Happy Birthday to the JRTs.

God bless.

Monkeywrangler said...

Happy Birthday pups!

Sparky, at least your squabbling dogs are small! Imaging the rows at my house, where the smallest one is about 80#...

Z said...


Simply Linda said...

{Big grins}--Happy Birthday to my favorite Terrierists. (giggling) Blessings

Lulu James said...

Love your doggies! Do they ever really fight? How are they around small children?

Linda E said...

Those two guys are something else! I have always heard about how smart and lively they were, and now I know! Have a good day my friend.

Sparky said...

@Victor & Lulu ~ Do y'all know you're a "do not reply blogger"? I can't send personal responses. :)
Anyway, Lulu, JRT's are wonderful around kids. They're not mean spirited at all. HOWEVER, do not have one unless one has a BIG fenced yard and they can run all day long (no kidding). And there will be destruction in the first year of their life. I had to start putting pillows and other chewables out of reach for a long time. They are trainable it just takes time and they're so energetic.
@MonkeyWrangler ~ I imagine having large dogs squabbling would be a trial! I love big dogs though. I miss Lucy (the boxer) more than I can say. Just can't afford to feed or get vet care for such large body's anymore.

Thanks! I pray that everyone has a blessed, happy day. ~:)

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Now I'm confused. What is a "do not reply blogger"? How do I become a "I welcome all replies blogger"?

I shall have to ask my computer expert about this. Unless you can help me Sparky. What buttons do you press to alter the state of a confused blogger?

God bless.

Sparky said...

@Victor ~ I had to look it up. I forgot how too. Anyway, I think this link may help. Have a blessed day. ~:)

Vee said...

You have two JRTs? Wow. I admire you. My son was just telling me about his obnoxious beagle last night. I said, "Why don't you keep Jack on a leash." He says, "I do. It makes no difference. He can howl just as well on a leash as off one." My poor, long-suffering son. Ha!