Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Observations ~ What's On Your Desk Top

It’s June. I’m weary of hearing about politics and watching the stock market crash. Money is such a fleeting thing. Thanks to the government, it has no real value anymore. Thus the "I have a hankerin’ to post silly observations". June in Southeast Georgia is such a boring month. Besides, my hands ache more and more from arthritis. Some days it’s almost unbearable. My greatest fear is that one day it will curtail my riding a manual motorcycle. There are automatics available but, oh, please, that’s blasphemy! *lol* At the moment, the tingling pain and swelling can be temporarily abated with soaking the hands in warm water, Aleve and then wearing a wrist brace when typing or gardening.

I think I want my next big writing project to be rewriting the My Faith section here (I've evolved there and need to express it).

So, this is today’s observation.

Up until yesterday I had a nice summer photo of our heavily shaded dirt road viewed through the V-Strom’s windscreen. I bored with that and this weekend changed it to a brilliant orange canna lily my husband snapped on one of his solitary rides. This one was growing wild against a Stop sign.

By the way, on our rides, we carry the portable Samsung 45-22.5 mm 1:25-63 25 mm HD camera. It’s lightweight, inexpensive to replace, and takes sharp photos when needed.

What's on your Desk Top?


Vee said...

on the iPad, it's the photo of my son and family about to be eaten by a dinosaur...on PC,a photo of both kids and both grands jumping in leaves

That lily is a corker!

Hand pain? Ouchie. I have good days and bad days. Do you take turmeric per chance? Have we had this conversation before? ; }

Z said...

I so rarely shut down my computer I think I have no picture on my desktop screen saver. I love that orange flower!
Am so sorry about the hands; my threaten to get bad then the discomfort goes for long periods of time; I hope that keeps up.
And yes, I stopped driving a stick shift car finally and do NOT much like it! I so get your concern, particularly on a motorcycle, I'm sure.
All the best, Sparks...I'm eager to read your My Faith section...will it be ON this site or another??

Linda E said...

#1 I want that canna! Love 'em. #2 It wont cure, but for some reason (and I researched it) gingerale helps a little with 'old arthur' pain. I have it in my hands and I drink at least one gingerale a day. Along with my ibuprofen, it seems to work. If you like it, give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Love the orange canna! So very sorry about your hand pain. Mostly, the pain is in my thumbs only. I will try Linda E's suggestion above. No photos on my desk top. Have you ever tried the hot paraffin wax for your hand pain?

Anonymous said...

p.s. thx for sharing what type of camera you use on the road - I might be looking for one in the near future.

Sparky said...

I'm gonna have to Google all these treatments for hand pain! My friends have such excellent ideas.
The MY FAITH is at one of the buttons above. The article was written many years ago and I've never been happy with it. Time for an update. :)
Thanks everyone for your comments.
Have a sweet rest of the day folks. ~:)

My Garden Diaries said...

Such an outstanding blog you have here! I am sorry to hear about your arthritis....I too suffer from this. Some days are better than others but it is difficult to do the things I love like you when it is flaring up. Your bloom up there is gorgeous!! Wishing you a great week! Nicole

Simply Linda said...

I feel bad for you, Dave has arthritis in his hands as well (years of boxing when he was in the Marines)...I sure feel for you all. I have the Hudson Lighthouse on my desktop, it is from when we lived in Hudson, NY. I am glad to see you back online...thank you for keeping me sane with your emails. (or should I say my emails, LOLOLOL) Blessings