Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii #tbt

"Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii". Remember when Arthur Godfrey used to say that on his show? I know, I'm dating myself. *giggle*

In 2008, my husband, me and three other couples that are friends/former coworkers, traveled from here in the Southeast to Hawaii. We spent 5 very long boring days on a cruise through Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), island hopping all along the way.

Sparky And Da Man
Why am I smiling? Because the Cruise is almost over!

NCL's cruise are, or where, notorious, which we didn't know at the time. The ship was dirty, the crew surly & lazy, there wasn't enough food, the entertainment lacking and the itinerary was badly done. Upon disembarking at the end of the cruise, NCL forced us to give that worthless crew a tip on our bill from our credit card! (Don't worry, I pitched a Sparky fit worthy of YouTube.) We seemed to spend all our time trying to get from one place to another rather than enjoy the scenery. I will N-E-V-E-R go on a cruise again. Neither of us where greatly enamored by the Islands or their culture any way. But some of it was happy memories too. Like the one above of us at a luau. It was different. One of the days the whole group also lunched at a quirky restaurant, can't remember it's name, where we had huge sandwiches and local beer. The rest of the afternoon was more pleasant. *wink*

All-in-all it was an expensive lesson to learn that we have it really good here in the States. (Personally, I don't consider Hawaii America, just my never-to-be-humble opinion.)

And I plan to stick to two wheels for any future vacations.


Simply Linda said...

Do you know, I went to Hawaii when I was 2 weeks old, my dad got shot down in Vietnam...anyways--no thank you on the cruise. My parents and brother in-law all love to go on them, sorry, but I hear that one must pay a huge amount of money before disembarking. ANYWAYS--sorry about your misadventure. I like your hair like that btw, smiles. Blessings

Lulu James said...

You will not catch me on a cruise! The only form of motion sickness I suffer from is----you guessed it--seasickedness (is that a word??). To be caught in the vast ocean with no means of getting off that rolling ship is a HUGE nightmare! I have always heard all you do is eat on those boats---NOT my idea of an adventure!

Linda E said...

I too have cruised, mine on Royal Caribbean. It was clean, nice, lots of food and things to do, but it is not my thing. I wouldnt go again. Prefer the Colorado that is an adventure to me! lol

Sparky said...

All the horror stories one has heard are true. There's even problems with viruses and such now. It's a rolling, heaving, wretching [sorry Lulu] boat of sickness. Oh, and I get sea sick too. BADLY. I'd rather be on land and have more freedom. Luv ~:)

Anonymous said...

I have never been on a cruise and would not want to. (I get motion sickness too) I guess I am a home body! I do love this photo of you both. Very nice.

Carol B. said...

Hi there! Trying to catch up with everyone. I've often thought I'd like to go on a cruise, but after so many of the ships having problems, I've changed my mind. The thought of being out in the middle of the ocean, stuck on that huge vessel with no way to get off, nope! But unlike you, I'm sticking with my 4-wheels! So sorry you had such an unpleasant time.

Jackie said...

Husband and I went on one cruise.
The food was delicious....but I got seasick on the trip back to Florida's mainland.
I don't think I will be going on another cruise, either.
Sending hugs,