Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Computer Crash

I can't believe this! Both of my fairly new HP laptop computers have "crashed" at the same time. I think the culprits in both cases is malware. (I really wish we where publicly executing these blasted d*&^% people who create and perpetrate this stuff.)

As some may, or may not, know we live way out in the country. Finding reliable competent anything is far and few between. Our only trustworthy computer repair person lives more than an hour north of us in Hazlehurst. Even he is not reliable about showing up at work on time (just one of his funny quirks). Plus we are leaving for a much needed mountain mini-vacation to western North Carolina tomorrow. So, it appears we and the computers will be separated for a spell and I will not be available for commenting or posting until next week. I do apologize but unless something unforeseen happens (like the computers magically fix themselves ... *roflol*) I probably won't be able to visit any of my wonderful friends blogs until sometime next week. Also, have turned off the comments here temporarily.

Life is funny, isn't it. *sigh* I remember back when we didn't have all these wonderful modern "conveniences". Our live's where simpler, cheaper, and a lot less stressful.

'Til then ...