Friday, May 8, 2015

Bounty From Our First Harvest This Season

 Green Beans

Yellow Crooked Neck Squash

Served with fried boneless pork chops. Yes, it was all delicious. :)


Linda E said...

......and YUMMMMM!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, does everything look tasty. Enjoy this nice weather this weekend.

Patsy said...

We miss having a garden, went to farms market this morning not much there yet to eat mostly flowers and baked goods.
Your dinner sounds so good. I did get green onions.

Anonymous said...

I showed John your pretty fresh veggies. We had hoped to go to the local farmer's market for fresh veggies/strawberries BUT we learned it was their annual strawberry festival today!!! We'll wait til the crowds die down next week. Thanks for your kind words and I wish you a blessed rest of the weekend. xoxo

DaBlade said...

I can almost smell that awesomeness!Any leftovers? Have a great Sunday Sparky!

Simply Linda said...

One word: YUM!!!! Happy Mothers Day, give the terriests a hug for me, LOL. Blessings

racheld said...

Oh, Sparky!

I just drifted in from Miss Patsy's blog---I go down her sidebar every now and then and look in on her friends. And I've just spent the last bit of time reading your "Three Mothers" story---what a wonderfully-written memoir, all rounded and presented so perfectly, like an apple on a palm.

Your words are so evocative of times and circumstances, and especially of people---I've known at least one each of the characters in your story, and could see them, true to life, behaving in their own ways which shaped you into the strong, determined, self-contained and confident woman you are today.

And don't EVER say you're not a professional writer---have you ever seen the stuff in the remainder bins, the Goodwill shelves, the yard sales, of the stuff ground out by proclaimed Professionals?

There's a great difference in most cases between Professional and GIFTED, and it's not written in stone that the two should ever meet. You have a great gift for words, for telling, that makes the reader step right into your story, into your very SHOES for the time of the reading, and come out gasping and relieved that you both made it through. What a wonderful way to spend this sweet Mothers' Day morning, with the scents of brunch floating down the stairs from Caro's house up there, and the prospect of our other two girls arriving to share it with us.

I've joined your followers, and will be back soon to delve into your lovely archives.


Sparky said...

Thank you racheld. That's very kind. I will try to always be entertaining and informative.
Hope you all have a blessed day. ~:)

Lulu James said...

YUMMY! I was cooking them while gazing at your pictures. NOTHING like it!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You make me hungry.

Never been successful with vegetables. But we often get a good crop of apples and pears, and a few cherries. Last year we got just one bunch of grapes.

This year we'll have more. I'll buy the grapes from the supermarket and hang them on our vine with paper clips.

God bless.

Jackie said...

Look at your bounty!
Wonderful....and perfectly photographed, too!