Friday, August 1, 2014

Funny And Not So Funny Friday ~ Therapeutic Screen Saver

I have temporarily sprained, or I have arthritis in, both hands. Riding is out, for now. Typing is also painfully difficult so I will be off-line, hopefully only for a spell. I pray it doesn't take long to heal. Isn't growing old fun!? NOT!

Plus, next week we will face the agonizing decision (I think ... if I don't change my mind ... again) that we will have to send Lucy the boxer to Rainbow Bridge. I can't even say the word. It hurts too much. Anyway, she's just in too much pain to continue. If she can't get better it's cruel to drag this out. She's old and it's "time". *sigh* I'm trying not to think about what faces us. I'm gonna miss that big, sweet dog.

But, life goes on. Here's something to tickle the funny bone for Funny Friday. Might as well laugh. Beats the stew out of crying.

Enjoy! ~:)

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This is a relaxing and therapeutic screen saver.

 As you watch this screen saver, if the falling figure gets stuck, all you have to do is drag the figure to the side a bit to avoid the obstacle. You can also grab the figure with the mouse and bash it into things. I made sure to beat mine to a pulp a few times.
Or, you can place the figure between the obstacles and watch it flail helplessly, which may make you feel better.


Linda E said...

I hate to hear about your hands..has to be painful to do ANYTHING. Get well soon. I LOVE the screensaver and just watching it gives me a good feeling! Thanks for sharing. It might be a blessing to Lucy not to suffer any longer. I am sorry though, because I know what our pets mean to us.

Lulu James said...

Growing old is NOT for the faint of heart! Anti-inflammatory meds and ice are my remedy. I have cried many a tear over loosing my furry friends. So sorry!

Monkeywrangler said...

Sparky so sorry to hear it is time for the one way trip to the vet for Lucy! I know how much that hurts. We are soon to be facing that same day for old Cody. His tumor keeps growing.

I also understand the hand pain. I have it in the base of both thumbs. At times, it has really reduced my ability to grip things, but I find turmeric daily helps, and for me, the thyroid med helps too.

Give Lucy a hug from me. Tell her when she gets there, to say Hi to my Charlie for me.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh Pam...I am so sorry to hear about your hands and about Lucy. Do you know about the 'gloves' knitters, crocheters, weavers, etc. use? they're fingerless gloves that encase the hands tightly with knit poly and gives support. feels wonderful!
I am so sorry about Lucy; is she on pain meds to help? even when it's the right thing to do and it's time, it's still never easy. Dave always left that to me unless one died of old age, then he'd bury them. if they had to be put down, it was always my job. since Dave died, I hold on too tightly.

Patsy said...

You poor dear just hope it's not what you think and you will be better soon.
That Therapeutic Screen Saver sure made me feel better.

Simply Linda said...

I just want to say..I am very sorry about Lucy..I know she was your best friend..I don't know what to say, and I hope my email didn't sound rude..that was NOT my intention.

I pray you get to feeling better. So sorry dear friend. Blessings

Vee said...

Oh I understand the sore hands...hope that with rest you'll feel better. I leave a trail around Blogdom about the value of Thieves, if you've never tried it.

The mental anguish of trying to make good decisions for the pets, nay, family members, in our care can be overwhelming. May you know when it's time.

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

still healing up but wanted to say THANK YOU. have a blessed day folks. ~:)