Monday, June 30, 2014

Intruder Alert!

In case one hasn't noticed after spending more than five minutes on my blog, I'm a big fan of nature. I especially have a penchant for reptiles. (Must be the "goth" in me.) This weekend, whilst purging the exterior house windows of those pesky little green tree frogs that leave smear marks on the glass, I spotted a new visitor. Luckily, Sweetie had the camera on stand by and he grabbed a snap of this little guy over our front door.

What is it, you may well ask? Don't fret, we had to look it up too.

Mediterranean Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus)

"Hold still for the camera and don't blink ..."
"I can't. I'm a Gecko."

He, or she, is a Gecko?! In Southeast Georgia!? This is not part of their normal range.

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!"

Fear not, for they are harmless, and are actually beneficial little creatures. They eat bugs and that's just dandy in my book.

I only hope there are more of them. If I find more, for any fellow amateur herpetologists out there, I'll be sure to share.

And that was yet another exciting weekend in the country. *smile*

Ride Safe,


Monkeywrangler said...

They're all over here in DFW/ There is a colony living in my attic, that comes out nightly to check out the bugs around the outdoor lighting. We find them inside sometimes, when the dogs are chasing them, or if we see something skitter across the floor in the wee hours...

linda said...

If we would only realize it, every day is a miracle in some way. Great capture of Mr. Gecko!

White Lace and Promises said...

I'm glad you found out what it is. I would be scared to death!

Anonymous said...

He's a cute little fellow! Would not want to see him in the middle of the night!

Vee said...

Well he is kinda cute, though he definitely landed at the right house. If I had found him here, he would have been dispatched. Shudder.

Simply Linda said...

Dang invaders, LOL (Jk). I haven't seen any up here, as a matter of fact, bugs or invaders really are not a problem here. Blessings

Deb said...

We have lots of those in our yard. They are gentle and beneficial. Once, one came up through our plumbing into our kitchen sink. Another time, one got in through our front security door somehow and got up on our couch. My son sat on the couch and the silly little gecko started running and it looked like the pattern on the couch was moving.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Didn't know your place wasn't their normal range but did know it was a gecko. they're cute little fellers.