Saturday, June 21, 2014

How Now Brown Towels

We just returned from a sojourn to the Jesup Walmart. After wading through the usual sea of tattooed Wal-Martians and cheaply made Chinese goods, I noticed that there's not as many people there as there used to be on a Saturday. The store looks ragged too, like it needs a good washing.  You know the economy is suffering when the poor can't afford to spend their welfare checks at a Walmart. After side stepping several Prozac laced urchins blocking the isles, I did manage to find a few good bargains. One item we needed was some type of throw to put on the brown living room furniture for the Jack Russell Terriorists to lay on. They're fairly clean for dogs considering they have such easy access to the outdoors. It's their tiny white fur on brown upholstery that's bothersome.

I decided on bath size chocolate colored towels for only $5.88 a piece. Good deal huh?

Now we're preparing to chow down on DiGiorno pizza (my favorite is the Supreme with thin crust, we add extra Pepperoni) and iced Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

I wish everyone was here to join us.

Ride Safe,


Monkeywrangler said...

Sounds tasty! We're going to a friend's place for chinese food dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

Pizza sounds delicious, especially with extra pepperoni.

You got a good deal on the towels. We are always looking for towels, sheets or afghans to cover the sofa with...mostly the cats hair, not Harriet's.

Hope you two have a good night. We have rain here. Should be a peaceful night.

linda said...

We both try as hard as we can to avoid Walmart. Glad you found something for the babies to lay on when on the couch. We just had a good, cooling rain, and we needed it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Patsy said...

We went to a Walmart that was like that yesterday and a person that worked there almost knock down Bennie going down the aisle and he was as wide as the aisle didn't even say excuse me. People block the aisle and want move. It was like they were saying you don't belong here.

White Lace and Promises said...

I liked it when towels were $2.50 each.

Jackie said...

It is hard to find a good towel at a "good" price these days. Looks like you found some great ones.
It was so hot here today. The first day of summer was a brutal one, but what should one expect. It's summer, right! :)
Sending you hugs,

Jason and Michelle said...

When I go to Wally World, it's usually at 6. AM. That's when the store here opens. It's quiet, with few people shopping. I can grab what I need and go. I dislike crowds, and hate it when people block the whole aisle.

Simply Linda said...

LOL..Your description is spot on! (giggles)--I won't buy Sam Adams anymore..they pulled out of the St. Patricks Day parade in Boston (or was it NY?) due to the fact that gays were not allowed. Yep.I sure do miss Sam Adams..sure do. Blessings

Thistle Cove Farm said...

First of all...I concur with Simply Linda and your towels are a great buy. I always buy quilts or bedspreads at the thrift store, take them to the laundromat for washing, bring them home to dry on the line and then throw on the sofas , love seats, chairs. bet!