Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Garden Is Healing

As all my regular readers will well remember, I had an "incident" with the garden awhile back. I'm calling it an incident so as to protect the guilty. *cough* After determining which plants weren't going to make it, I put them on the compost so nothing goes to waste. Then very tediously on hands and knees, I diligently picked as much of the fertilizer off the soil as I could before I felt like the heat and humidity was going to cause heat stroke. Running the sprinklers until the soil looked a little safer was a good measure too. Waited a few days, then replanted, using the top soil and composed cow manure bags that MonkeyWrangler so kindly suggested.

Something really grand has emerged from my mistake. We plan to leave the top soil and cow manure to amend it even further for the fall garden. If finances allow, we'll add even more. Hubby and I have been discussing making the garden even better next to round. There's plans for a permanent fence, a possible greenhouse and other amenities. This has been such fun, I really want to get serious about growing vegetables again.

Lo and behold, some of the plants survived the onslaught! The tomatoes have lots of large ones waiting to turn red and juicy.

Most of the Yellow Crookneck Squash on one side are doing pretty well also. I noticed today that one even has a flower. I forgot how long it takes to go from flower to squash but I've got my mouth all set for that little banquet. I love, love, love squash!

And since today is so such bright sunshine and the sky so blue, I took a couple of snaps around the house.
Confederate Jasmine
There is a swing that Hubby built under there ...
somewhere ...

Trumpet Creeper

Remember "Tranquility Base"
and how I fixed it up last year?
Only need to trim the Blue Jack of a few dead limbs,
but otherwise it's lookin' real good.

Mostly I'm staying inside, though, because of the heat, humidity and biting bugs. Outside activities are just not very enjoyable right now, as I'm sure Simply Linda can remember. Lucky Dawg doesn't have to put up with such nonsense anymore. *grin*

Thanks for putting the kickstand down.

Ride Safe,


linda said...

Your garden is looking good again. I think lots of us will be growing all we can sooner than later. Love the trumpet 'bush'. I had the vine up one of the porch columns last year and the hummers were in 'heaven'. I ran to drug store and it poured rain. By the time I came out the rain had stopped, sun out and humid, humid. Lucky Simply Linda.

Simply Linda said...

LOL-Oh I don't know about that..it is so humid out now..it was storming, now the sun has come out (expecting bad weather later). At least y'all have ac, we don't up here, lol. We have the windows, blinds, drapes closed. Living in a tomb now, lol.

I am so glad your plants are coming back..I sure miss Confed. Jasmine. Blessings

Jason and Michelle said...

Im glad some of your plants survived, I'm sorry that there were losses. Its interesting with gardening, it always seems to be a work in progress.

White Lace and Promises said...

I came home to dead flowers! My husband said, "I didn't notice." Ughhhh! 7 days without water. I love the confederate jasmine. Ohhhhh, smells so good!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

not sure this is applicable but it's what came to mind...when Joseph was speaking to his brothers, "you meant it for evil, God worked it for good." your garden...it's all good and now it's all purty...very nice save, Pam.

Vee said...

Looks as if your "mistake" might turn into a happy accident. Your yard is beautiful and the garden is looks big enough to keep you truly busy. Those veggies will be a great reward!

Carol B. said...

That's great that your garden is going to survive the 'accident'. I love squash too. And there's nothing like fresh veggies you grew with your own hands and hard work.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so nice. We have been very hot/dry but we got a nice rain yesterday/last night.
Looks like moving day is Wed.