Friday, April 25, 2014

Taking Some Time Off

I'm doing much better today after the bout of cold sores. Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts. Still have one stubborn sore that doesn't want to leave but, for all intensive purposes, the spawn on my lip is just about gone. Also, the Lysine that was recommended as a healer seems effective. The sores are dropping off like flies (boy, does that hurt!). Sorry for that mental image. Since taking the Lysine I've also noticed that my skin tone is better (smoother, shiny, soft). Could be the prescribed medicine, so, the overall results are skewed. At the moment I believe that it's the Lysine. I noticed a change in my skin after one full day of taking the pills. That's when the lip peeling started and the true healing really began to be noticeable.

I will be off-line for a couple of days. My father-in-law is enroute to our adobe hacienda today. As I reflect on the past 36 years of our marriage, a lot has happened. I reflect how we once all lived in the same city. We moved north and he moved south. He is now about 3 1/2 hours away. He's only visited us once in all that time. Once. In all probability it's because of his marriage to the Wicked Witch (who just passed away) but I know it's also because he is a emotionally weak man. My loving, sweet husband knows this and it saddens him. I reassure him with the fact that it's not personal. I have experience in this because my father was the same way. You know the type: let the "bad" wife make all the decisions so he could play the Good Guy but saying "I can't visit". Yeah, right, I'm not buying it Dad. Weak men, especially when it comes to being attentive fathers, make me ill.

As my dear friend Simply Linda so rightly always states, "Just keeping it real."

So, I will be pretend smiling, hoping for the best, not mentioning the past and be the perfect hostess this weekend rather than chatting with the 'buds' on our blogs and riding. Our late Easter meal of potato salad is made. The spiral honey-baked ham ready to be warmed. And the Bush's brown sugar baked beans are on the shelf. Thank goodness for can openers and pre-cooked meals. They make me look good. *lol*

Therefore, unless something unforeseen happens and there's a change, see y'all next week. I hope everyone has a very happy and blessed weekend.

~ Ride Safe ~


White Lace and Promises said...

I am so there! "My Thoughts Exactly," are my thoughts exactly. Whew! I'm with Linda and keeping it real. God bless you as you continue to recover and face the days ahead.

Deb said...

I hope your cold sores continue to heal - as well as your heart. Hope the weekend is a good one. God bless!

Simply Linda said...

Well..dear friend..maybe it is time to heal for both you and him. Poor man, I feel bad for him..been on both sides of a relationship..just remember, you are a Christian him and love your husband. (waving to Steve). That is nice he is coming for a visit (for whatever reason). Prayers and Blessings.

linda said...

It is good to hear that you are healing finally. Just be 'you' while your FIL is there and all will be fine. Happy weekend.

Patsy said...

So glad you are getting better. I hope the visit will go well.
Stay happy and come back soon.

Carol B. said...

I know what you mean and I agree. I hope you have a nice visit with him. Keep smiling and show him some Christian love.
It's good to hear that you're recovering fast. You take care. God's blessing on you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hope you continue to feel better and I pray everything goes smoothly this weekend.

Wayne Shook said...

Hi there...this is PRY from the HnC page, inviting you to join me in keeping Stilton in your prayers now and then, as I do, that God would give him the grace to see that Jesus is what he really needs. He is such a good guy, and he and I have gone back and forth a bit about 'religion'...I'm sure he's not a believer, but he's such a good and talented guy. Thanks.

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@PRY ~ It's nice to put a face and name to your nickname. Yeah, I've been praying for Stilton. Such a fine man! I wish we where neighbors. I'd be bringing him homemade cake all the time as a thank you for keeping me from being suicidal. *lol* We all need him and I hope one day soon he'll realize he needs Christ. I am in prayer about it too.
PLEASE drop by anytime. You're always welcome here.

And same goes for everyone else. Thank YOU for the prayerful, kind thoughts and words. I'm so fortunate to be in touch with such fine Prayer Warriors. I hope I can live up to that.

God bless. ~:)