Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: My 1979 Kawasaki KZ650

Welcome to my first attempt at Throwback Thursday.

Above is a photo of my sweet Hubby and me from the early 1980's. I was only 24 and Hubby was 32. I wish I was still that skinny! This is my first street legal motorcycle. It was a 1979 Kawasaki KZ 650 set up for touring with a Vetter Fairing, Bates Box, and King and Queen seats. It even had a homemade cruise control, of sorts. Since we both liked to ride, and neither cared to be a passenger, we would take turns up front. Because female riders where a rarity in the '80s, we sure got some amazed looks!

We had a lot of adventures on this bike. "They" say hindsight's 20/20 but I wish I could have kept it. I sold the bike when we bought our first house in October 1981.

This photo was snapped somewhere between Titusville and Jacksonville, Florida, along the I-95 corridor. We where freshly married and had been down to visit my Dad and step-mother in Titusville for the day. It is about a two hour trip one way, so, about half way back we had stopped at one of the rest areas to refresh ourselves. A kindly by-stander, now long forgotten, took the picture for us. I'm forever grateful to that man. Because of his kindness we still have a very happy memory memorialized forever on film.


Simply Linda said...

Sparky Spark & Steve, y'all have not changed one bit! AT ALL! Y'all are just as lovely then as you are now. Great photo. Blessings

White Lace and Promises said...

You have not changed a bit!

Sparky said...

@Simply Linda & White Lace ~ Y'all are such wonderful liars!! You're my friends forever! *lol* Really, thanks for the sweet comments. Have a splendid day. ~:)

Jackie said...

LOVE throw back photos...
And love the area you are in (seems like home to me!)
I was born in Jacksonville...and I now live in Georgia.
We are neighbors, indeed!!!
Have a beautiful week and weekend.

Carol B. said...

That's a good picture. It was good you found a nice person to take it for you. A memory to keep. I remember when it was rare to see a female rider, and if we did, she was considered a hard-core woman. I'm glad things have changed in that dept. My daughter and her husband each have Hondas and they love to ride. Now that the weather is showing signs of spring, they're chomping at the bit to get the bikes out. :)

Patsy said...

Now that it is Spring isn't it getting time for a nice ride?

linda said...

I always enjoy the throwback pictues and thank you for sharing.

Monkeywrangler said...

You should look arouns online to see if you can find another '79 KZ650 for cheap. You could set it up vintage, like you had back when it was almost new!

Sparky said...

@Jackie ~ It is funny that we can trace the same routes in our migrations! Maybe we're related? That would be super cool! (Check out my ancestry page if there's time: . Let me know if anyone rings a bell, 'k?!)

@Carol B. ~ I agree. So many of the female riders "from back then" did look hardcore. Like they'd skipped bathing for too long. I must have looked really odd with my perfect coif and no tattoo's or leather. I'm a Tom Boy but never been into looking rough.

@Patsy ~ The weather is so nice in SE Georgia I did do that today! Hubby is in Central Florida, again, helping his Dad so I just dragged out the "V" and took 'er for a long spin. It lifted my spirits immeasurably.

@Linda ~ And Thank You for coming by! I'm pleased to hear you're sleeping better now. Hope that continues.

@Monkeywrangler ~ I did do that once. Search on-line, that is, with that result in mind. We discussed making a purchase, but, and as much as I enjoyed that bike, it's still antiquated compared to what I have now. I would probably hate it. Sadly, one can't capture the past again (I've tried). I learned that at my first (and only) High School Reunion. :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by commenting. Your kind thoughts mean the world to me. God bless. ~:)