Saturday, March 22, 2014

Press Any Key To Continue #XP #Windows8

I must be a true Luddite because I hate change! A couple of days ago, I learned that starting April 8, 2014, Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

Panic mode!

As usual, I must be the last person in America to know this! Our home currently uses three computers. Now I learn they need upgrading and/or replacing?! [Oh, boy, another expense ... sigh] I did try to update the computers on-line and the Microsoft website said, "Nah, girl, that ain't happenin'. You have to spend major bucks on new equipment." [lol] In actuality, it showed the "Your computer is not compatible for an upgrade." 

Well, La De Da!

I think I have a cheaper solution that buying a whole new system. The Dell Desktop here in my office still has a good monitor, keyboard, speakers and mouse. I can reuse them on a new tower.


Hope so because I'm going with that. For now. I'll also need to buy a separate floppy disk access (is that the right term?). So, after perusing the Wal-Mart website last night I happened on a refurbished HP 110-023wb Desktop with Windows 8, 8 GB, 1 TB Hard Drive, etc. for under $300 with a limited warranty. I made sure to read the reviews. According to the previous purchasers who posted, I can still use my "old" software programs. If I have to upgrade all those too, that will become costly.

But I still eventually need two small Laptops and/or Notebooks. I checked into a Tablet, but Husband said they are too hard to use with arthritic hands. Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Also, any suggestions on how to get rid of the old computers? I'd prefer them to be "scrubbed" for security and privacy reasons. And I don't like the thought of cluttering up the landfill with usable electronic equipment. 

I hope everyone has a happy (and cheaper) weekend.

~ Ride Safe ~


White Lace and Promises said...

I just had to buy a new computer and it's DELL and we paid @ $300. We have become a tech world and can't get along without it. Right now, my blogging friends keep me sane. Without my children here, I feel alone and this is my connection to the world. I love the way you feel free to get on your bike and ride. I'm sure that it great. I'd be scared to death. Hope it clears up today and you are able to ride. I'm gonna try to clean up my carport.

Patsy said...

We have a new computer that runs windows 7 had it for a year now and the old one is still setting here don't know what to do with it.

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@White Lace ~ I forgot to share that the one major reason I'm leaving Dell is when it needs repair, only a professional Dell trained technican with the correct Recover CD to fix it. We have no such person near here. I have to take ours 1 hour one way to Hazlehurst to a guy who may or may not be open every time there's a problem. I hope the HP will be less of a headache. :)
Thanks, I hope it clears up too. I would love to go for a spin. One thing about motorcycling, it keeps me sane. I've noticed one can't be happy while riding.

@Patsy ~ I "think" (which can be dangerous for a blonde) that the 7 is still supportable, so, y'all are good to go. This what I get for not wanting to let go of the XP all these years! *ha ha*

Thanks everyone for your comments. Have a blessed day. ~:)

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@White Lace ~ I meant to say "one can't be unhappy". Fat fingers strike again!! LOL

Carol B. said...

Oh, my... I can sympathize. Been there. I've found that when you buy "refurbished" you're actually getting a better than a new. It doesn't necessarily mean "used". It just means all the bad parts and bugs have been found and fixed.
I've also debated on a tablet, but with my eyes, the screen is just too small.

Simply Linda said...

What we did can tear out the old harddrive and keep it..and then tossed the tower out to a computer guy.(minus the hardrive that stores all your infro)

We also bought a portable harddrive (look at Best Buy) and downloaded all the photos and important doc and now you can hook it up to any computer and view them. We ended up getting a computer some yrs ago with Vista on I am told that is old. Will have to wait to get a new computer with Windows 8. I also download any useful compatible whatevers for Vista. I don't know about XP. You can also go to Wallyworld and spend about $50-90 bucks and get Vista Microsoft disc, you can upgrade that way, it comes in a green box. Windows 8 is more expensive though.

Hope this wasn't confusing.. I have a E WARE computer. Hubby is looking at a HP all in I will have to wait.

Deb said...

Hi Sparky - I think there should be a way to donate your old computer for recycling once you have all of your info. off of it. Replacing technology and keeping up with everything is a pain. We still are using two old PCs, but hubby also has a lap top that he uses. No tablets for us yet, but I am sure that will come with time. We don't even have "smart phones" still using our 2010 LG "brick phones" as my son calls them. Hope you get everything sorted out. By the way, could you email me about a family history situation that a cousin of mine has. I am trying to help her find some answers, but so far no luck. I know you are an expert, so I would love to "pick your brain" if you wouldn't mind. Thanks so much.

Vee said...

Well I hate change, too. I have an iPad. My hands are arthritic. I have a Snugg cover, which allows me to prop the iPad and it becomes a no need to hold item.

Have had a good time reading and wandering about...all the way back to the beginning of February and your HOME button worked like a charm.