Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

It is so nice to be over that head cold. I finally stopped coughing like an old smoker, and can finally breathe well enough to walk without weezing. Needless to say, it's been a lost week for me.

As I strolled around the property, I noticed that during the heavy rains we had, the Wild Plum have started blooming. This makes the Yellow Jackets (a nasty brute of a wasp) and other more tame bees very happy.

Also, I noticed the Eastern Red Bud tree is at the tail end of blooming. A mature Red Bud can put on a spectacular show. I missed most of it this year.

Did you notice? I've learned how to add picture frames to my photos, just like Haven For Vee. Her blog always looks so pretty. And I feel like a pro now! *lol* For anyone that has Corel Paint Shop Pro, it's right there in the menu. All these years of using the program and I never noticed it. Silly me.

Husband is in Florida for a few days. He is helping his father cope with the impending demise of his wife "C". "C"s kidneys have shut down. She has ceased seeking treatment and is now in Hospice awaiting the inevitable. Please forgive this ugly comment but she's not well liked. By anyone. The woman has zero friends. Sad, isn't it, to be in your 80s and not a soul will grieve your passing. At least she does acknowledge Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour so she has the hope and promise of resurrection. I just think it's really tragic that someone's life has been such a waste. It's not a happy home there, but Husband being the good Christian man and dutiful son that he is, is with his father. Father-in-law is also not in the best of health. At least having his son there will help him during his passage from long-time marriage to widower. I admire my Husband so much. He always thinks of others first. 

Therefore, I have been busying myself with yard work today to pass the time. I find it comforting to finish something and working on the property is a healthy way to work out the "head cold hangover" kinks. 

That pile of debris at the bottom left hand corner is what I accomplished this morning (click photo to enlarge). I couldn't believe how many Catclaw, Potato Vine, and wild Confederate Jasmine where snaking through the trees. Now I'm sore and tired. But it's a happy tired, knowing that I'm doing my bit to make our place look a little nicer. I plan to put a wooden swing by the walk through gate. Maybe also some bird houses, wind chimes, feeders and any little yard decoration I can afford.

Well, I hope everyone is also having a pleasant weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by and putting the kickstand down.

"This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."


Anonymous said...

It has been a pretty day. John got out in the yard some today too. It's will be fun to find a bench, yard ornaments etc for this area of your yard. I love to hear wind chimes.
Happy to hear you feel better. Have a restful night.

linda said...

So glad you are feeling better and can be out and about. Your hubby is a good son and glad he can be there for his dad during this trying time.

Jason and Michelle said...

I love being outside ( weather permitting) after being sick. It always seems to make me feel better.

Simply Linda said...

What lovely photos. Prayers for Steve and his father & his wife. Blessings