Sunday, February 16, 2014

I ThInK i'Ve GoT cAbIn FeVer ...

For the above abomination, we can blame Miss M. at Blackberry Lane with today's post and


Hope it tickled your funnybone. 

And keep repeating ...
"It's almost March ...", "It's almost March ..."


Anonymous said...

I knew not to be drinking water when I clicked on your post! I love it and yes, I am giggling!

Wiregrass Steve said...

The use of rose colored glasses will not change the outcome of your situation.

Sparky said...

@Blackberry ~ I should have put a disclaimer in the title "Warning: no liquids near the keyboard before clicking ..." *lol*

@Wiregrass ~ Oh, hardee-har-har. Aw well, I tried. *smile* Love ya hunny.

Luv ~:)

Jackie said...

I just left her site and told her I was gonna check it out.
Before going there, I wanted to visit my blogging friends' posts for today.
I smile.
Looks like you've already been there!!
Hugs to you,

Carol B. said...

I love your glasses. Puts a smile on this face.
We have to remain positive during this awful winter season. I have cabin fever too. I keep telling myself, this is only temporary. :)

Simply Linda said...

Gurl, you's ain't right, LOLOLOL--and yes I put the southern dication in there, LOLOL. bLESSINGS