Friday, February 28, 2014

Funny Friday ~ How In The World Did This Happen?

Have you ever slapped yourself on the head and said, "How in the world did this happen??!!"

~ Ride Safe ~


Monkeywrangler said...

I can envision how most of those accidents happened, except for the one balanced on the phone pole and wires like that.

Simply Linda said...

I can tell you I had the second one happen to a snow storm on a side of the bridge..not fun,lol.

The last know my opinion on the King.


Anonymous said...

oh my!!!

Jason and Michelle said...

Wow. The last one i still wonder about.

Patsy said...

Second me on wow, The last one is still to wonder about.

linda eller said...

I have a odd sense of humor, they were horrible, but I had to laugh at some. The last is the best...slapping head right now!!! Happy weekend.

White Lace and Promises said...

The last one especially! HELP! I may be have my comment deleted:)

Vee said...

= D

Some things really do require an explanation and, in this case, all of them do.

Sparky said...

@Monkeywrangler ~ I know. That one is a mystery.

@Simply Linda ~ Do be careful! Ice is as unforgiving as this fascist government. Both want assimilate us into the ground.

@Jason and Michelle & Patsy ~ This is our country on drugs administered by the Public School system.

@Linda Eller ~ I know, I had to laugh (and hold my head) at the same time.

@White Lace ~ The deleting will be done by the NSA and you will get audited.

@Vee ~ The first seven, driving too fast for the conditions. The last, voting too fast for their brain cells.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Have a blessed evening. ~:)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Ya got me! I'm still scratching my head and praying for all the dc ejits to receive their just rewards.
As to the car accidents...a couple of weeks ago, coming home, I hit black ice and did 4 partial spin-outs before God got the car under control. When He did, I was maybe ten feet from a head on collision that didn't happen. Thank God.