Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Prayer Request

I have a humble prayer request from my fellow Prayer Warriors today.

I think it's a real priviledge to bring our needs and wants to Him and He actually listens. God always answers prayer. It may not be our way, but it's His way that will be done. But, still, He wants us to talk to Him. All the time! 24-7. And for the Saints (believers) to pray for each other.

Not that this is relevant but we're not rich. Through the years of hard work and savings, we managed to put away a bit so we would have enough to live on and not depend on the public dole. And I'm probably hyperventilating unnecessarily over this subject (not that I would ever do that) [smile] but here goes:

We are in a bit of a financial, well, difficulty, for lack of a better word. Because of our ignorance of "high finance" and bad, or lack of good, advice by our current Financial Guy, our humble annuity is now legally stuck in a 10 year something-or-other contract that was not good financial planning. To make it worse all our eggs are in one basket and our payments have stopped! We need to get out. Now. Desperation is setting in. We have taken the extra precaution of meeting with what we hope will be our new Financial Guy to learn the options. He informed us this current investment is in danger of denuding us financially. Plus we're practically living on air now. My heart almost stopped right there! This is all we have in the whole world!

But there is hope. I believe there's always hope.

Anyway, I have a humble request that my Christian friends please pray that we can get out of this situation unscathed and into another one that is once again profitable. We're not seeking riches just a safer environment for our nest egg. Neither of us can work fulltime anymore due to poor health, not that there's any work available way out here in the country (there's not). And we're trying to be smarter. I'm an Bookkeeper/Accountant, not a financial wizard! I'm sure God has already laid out the plan for our escape. The escape basket is probably already here, all we need to do is get in it so we may be lowered to safety. But I would feel better knowing that my saintly brothers & sisters are also praying for us. Of course, in my heart of hearts I know that God will guide us but I'm still trembling inside.
Also, if anyone else has any prayer requests today, please do share. Even unspoken ones are welcome. Hubby and I will be happy to also pray for others. We're always available for that!

Thank you for listening to the ramble and whine. I also thank you warmly for any prayers. I do appreciate you all very much. And may God bless you in turn. In the name of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ, I trust in God's infinite mercy.


Anonymous said...

I am praying earnestly for you guys. Thank you for sharing this prayer request.

linda eller said...

You can count my prayers for this situation. I totally understand. God will make the way, so knowing that and believing it, we will pray until you tell us otherwise.

Simply Linda said...

You know..I was going to post on something similar..and God led me here first. {Sparky & Steve}--you are in my prayers..most certaintly dear friends! I would also entertain the idea of seeking a advice of an attorney..I know..more money..but you might find that this guy took advantage of you. (I pray that isn't the case) And your NOT whining or complaining, so don't think that! Love you dear friend.

Jason and Michelle said...

I will keep you guys in our prayers.

White Lace and Promises said...

This is a hard place to be and I have been there for 2 years with a little respite for a few months with a part time job. The past three months have been the worst. I almost wrote a post like this last week. I say that to say, I understand. I will pray for you right now. I keep saying the verse over and over, "My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory." And He's got it all. Prayers for you!

Jackie said...

I consider it a privilege to pray for you and your husband and your financial situation, my friend.
Rest assured that prayers are being whispered on your behalf.
Thank you for sharing your prayer needs with your prayer warriors.

Sparky said...

Thank you EVERYONE for your kind words and thoughtful prayers. I can't tell you how comforting it is to bring this need to my fellow warriors and know that y'all are there for me. I slept so much better last night (so did Hubby). God bless you all exceedingly and abundantly also with good health and wealth. I will keep you posted as to what transpires as we watch the glories of God unfold with His mercy and witness a miracle. Above all else, I do trust Him. Thank you! Have a wonderful Sunday! ~:)