Thursday, January 2, 2014

Weather Or Not Winter Is Here

First the temperatures dropped. Then since early New Year's Eve, it has rained, and rained, and rained. Usually, I like the rain, but, golly, I'm ready for it to be gone!

This was at mid-day. I am so tired of the gloomy skies!

This was "taken" a few moments ago. Can you see how we are socked in with clouds? I know, it's nothing compared to the brutal weather y'all are having up north. Believe me, I do feel for ya.

It's suppose to be snowing not far from us in South Carolina, so, we might get light flurries ourselves. That would be cool. Been watching Fox News and reading everyone's blogs and I see that snow is expected at record heights in Yankeeland with record cold temperatures. And it's expected to intensify through tomorrow.

I say let's start taking up a fund to go here ...

... wouldn't that be a welcome change?! *smile*

Y'all stay safe up there in Snow Country. I'm praying for you all.

~ Ride Safe ~


Simply Linda said...

Well..HGTV had been showing Island Homes for about sweettttt..sorry about the rain..hope y'all dry out fast. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Lots of rain and dark skies here and a.m. temp will be 20! As you say, depressing weather but not dangerous, thankfully. Take care!

linda eller said...

Just bitter cold here and at 7 pm it is 29...morning temps should be interesting. Rain, no, a little snow, yes!

Jackie said...

I'm not that far from you, my friend (Valdosta)....and it is supposed to get a wee bit cold here tonight.
But, it has been wet, wet, and more wet here for the past few days.
I wouldn't mind seeing a few flakes of snow, but I'm not gonna hold my breath! :))
Happy New Year!!
Hugs and love,