Monday, January 27, 2014

Someone Moved My Cheese

I. Have. Had. An. Epically. Rotten. Day.

Today was my usual 6 month health checkup. Things didn’t go as planned.

First, the Physicians Assistant that was attending to me this time, try to push cholesterol medicine on me.

I responded most empathically, “NO”. She finally resorted to scare tactics, “You’ll be at risk for heart attacks, stroke and Alzheimer’s.”

My little BS antenna went up. Alzheimer’s? I know I’m medically challenged but I have kept up with the studies on Alzheimer’s since my step-mother died from this disease. That is no where to be found in any of the research I’ve read.

So, thinking I’m being cool, [cough] I gently changed the subject.

“I’m having mild heart palpitations and trouble sleeping.” (All true.) The PA gave me a prescription for sleeping pills, which I’ve never, ever taken. I really don’t want to go there. And then she mentioned “We need another blood sample and you have to return in one month.”

Why?!” I asked incredulously.

“Because your symptoms indicate a hyper-thyroid (overactive) problem.”

I know I have hypo-thyroid (underactive) and a small growth on it.

Ok, so, I can deal with that. Not happy, but not devistating.

With that heavy news that now I have to return to the doctor yet again, I took the usual prescriptions for my daily existance to have them filled. I received more unhappy news. According to my pharmacist my new insurance program makes me buy medicine every 30 days instead of the customary 90 days. [I had to change because of The Unaffordable Care Act, i.e. Obamacare.] With the former insurance program, I used to get a discount for buying 90 days at a time. So now, in a nutshell, that means we’ll be spending three times as much on medicine. This year. And, since we live way out in the country, it also entails constant trips to the pharmacy which is not one of my favorite things.

[muttered through gritted teeth] Lovely.

The day went downhill from there with me growling and biting like an old snapping turtle with a sore head. But, giving credit where credit is due, most of it is my own fault. I dislike going to doctors so much I think I set the mood for the visit. I fought with the P.A. trying to give me good advice, which is what I'm paying her for. I’ve felt tired and old of late. It seems I’m perpetually upset over money. And every time Barry Soetoro [his real name, you know] talks and bad mouths our country, my blood pressure shoots up and the veins on my neck stick out. Many times the TV has been in great danger of being altered. [lol]

Speaking of that, I doubt anyone who reads this blog regularly will waste their time watching the PO(TU)S speech? I thought not. I'd much rather have multiple root canals then put through the torture of listening to more lies.

I know, I need to pray and trust more, and think about the world less. I’ve let myself have a bad day. Entirely my own fault.

It must be age, but when someone moves my cheese now, I get all messed up. It's my fault for not leaning on the Lord and His promises.

One bright spot though, the matching Winterberry pie cooler and server set from Pfaltzgraff arrived. (The whole enchilada was less than $20 including shipping). Big heartfelt Thank You's to my dear friend Blackberry Lane for turning me onto this lovely set.

Aren’t they purdy? I'm so anxious to entertain guests so I can Wow them. I wish I could afford to buy the entire set of dishes and cups. Maybe when things are ‘better’ again. I know they will be. God never forgets us in our troubles.


Anonymous said...

As bad as I hate root canals,.......LOL!

Love your server and pie cooler. Perfect for you, dear friend.

So sorry about your day. It seems everything is changing for the worse. John has an appt. tomorrow.

Keeping you in my prayers. God bless.

Jason and Michelle said...

Your pie cooler is cute!
I greatly dislike going to the doctor. I don't go :)
Obamacare is great ( cough choke sputter)
My youngest son requires medication, my prescription costs increased by 1/3 when I refilled his meds. I will be cancelling our cable later this week, so I have no idea what our great leader will be promising next. In the case of an alien invasion, when they ask me to take me to my leader I will gladly give them directions to his location. Hopefully he wont be on vacation, ha ha ha.

Simply Linda said...

Love your new goody you got. I hear you on the doctor and prescriptions..Dave informed this morning that it is my turn to get poked and prodded. As he is fed up. Sigh..I so detest going to the dr. I so detest getting on the detest the dr. telling me this or that.

Nope, I am not going to watch the speech. Counting Cars (or is it Amercian Pickers?) is on tonight, I do believe. Blessings

P.S. I am surprised you didn't post on the mass gay wedding on the Grammys. (ducking before I get hit, lololol)

linda eller said...

I do think as we grow older we hate going to hear what bad news a doctor will give us this time. I have about decided I am this way, gonna be this way til the Lord calls me home. I dread even going to the dr. for the next checkup, and medicine renewals. It will be surprise I am sure. As Linda mentioned, I did see the mass gay marriages...sickening. Hope you have a better day.

Sparky said...

I haven't laughed out loud that much in awhile. Writing this down was therapeutic and today is much better. Y'all are the best. Thank you all for your wonderful responses! Hope everyone has a safe and warm day. ~:)

Patsy said...

Right on!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

nope, gave up t.v. so I'd have a good excuse to not listen to the liar. I'm also tired of listening to everyone talk about what a rotten pres he is; if he's so dang rotten, why hasn't he been, that's not it...impeached! that's it, impeached...why hasn't he been impeached if he's so rotten.
as to doctors pushing pills...that's another hot button. and do they consider that something else they've pushed on you might kill you with an interaction? hey, not their problem. as to statins...heart attack, diabetes, high blood the "literature" that comes w/'s enough to frighten you to death!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

p.s. who are those good looking young folks in the header photo?