Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love Will Keep Us Together But Healthcare Could Drive Us Apart

One of my favorite soft rock groups from the 70s, The Captain and Tennille, have filed for divorce. But it seems they didn’t run out of Muskrat Love. The story is that “The Captain“, Daryl Dragon, is terminally ill with a neurological disorder (something similar to Parkinson‘s) which means he will be running up a huge medical bill. In order to keep their estate intact, he had to sign over everything to wife Toni, file for divorce, so that the government nor creditors can‘t seize his assets. Thankfully Toni will still be his Angel Face.

This reminds me how we had a neighbor that died from the complications of Parkinson’s disease not too long ago. In my opinion it’s one of the awful ways 'to go'. [Not that there is a good way, but I think you get my drift.] We watched him die an agonizing, slow, humiliating death. The Captain certainly has my prayers.

Hubby and I discussed financial possibilities at length after reading the article. He said one of us being stricken with a terminal illness could be a real possibly some day. It's something many people are forced into. Our bodies are going to corruption. Good thing for those of us who believe in Jesus, we are in God’s hands. Hopefully, we will never be faced with such a heart wrenching decision, but I can understand why The Captain and Tennille had to go this route. I would do everything I had to do to protect what little I have too.

What a sad world we live in. Guess I need to keep a song of joy in my heart. Well, at least their music will go on.


Anonymous said...

I was in jr. college up here at Truett McConnell when Captain and Tennille were so popular. I heard they were filing for divorce but did not know the "why." My dad died with Parkinson's and leukemia. I have essential tremor which is similar and it is no fun. Our country is certainly in need of prayer.

Simply Linda said...

As you know, Dave is ill. And to no surprise, we had discussed this as well. I just figured, it would be living a lie..but I certaintly understand. I also understand and read that when a person dies, the hosp can and will collect in any means neccesary, which includes taking ones assests. Which means, anything of value such as a home. What have we become? How sad. Blessings

linda eller said...

We do live in a crazy, scary world. I never thought it would be this way, and no one else did either, except Mr. President. He has created havoc in this country. I know from personal experience about the govn. taking anything we have. My Aunt and Uncle died within 6 months of one another, but before he died, the had the house, cars, bank accounts, etc. signed over to me and one other. When they died, we got it instead of the Big Guys in Washington. We do what we have to. On another note, picture of you and hubby at the top of the page, I love it! And I still dont know your first name.....please please share!!!

Sparky said...

@Blackberry Lane ~ Their music must hold happy memories for you too. It's so sad that your father is no longer with us. At least through you we have been able to "meet" your parents because you turned out to be such a fine person. Yes, our country needs prayer so desperately. And we as Believers must teach the love of Jesus Christ so that many more may be saved while there's still time.

@Simply Linda ~ It grieves me beyond measure that Dave is having so much illness. He's such a fine person. Perhaps the Lord will allow him to heal in a miraculous way. But, even if not, he is still loved by God Who loves him best and is so blessed to have a loving, intelligent, capable wife like you and a charming son.

@Linda Eller ~ My full name is Pamela D. Hudson. My nickname evolved from my time as a volunteer firefighter. And, Ok, it might have a little bit to do with my volatile personality? Naaaahhh. [lol] This is my website: with all the juicy genealogy details. :)

Your are all the finest of people and I am doubly blessed to call you friends. Stay warm folks.

Luv ~:)

Vee said...

Oh most of this is news to me. I had no idea about The Captain and Tennille. What a mixed-up crazy world we live in.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I don't understand why that man hasn't been impeached? i'm taking a break from him and his ilk; a body can only stand so much nastiness.