Friday, January 10, 2014

A Conversation Between My Fingers And My Brain


A few posts back, I really poured my heart out in a letter to the world in general, and to my readers specifically, on how I feel about the newly sainted homosexual movement. The only thing about writing a profundity that seemed to have touched so many is I have now put undue pressure on myself to always be clever or pithy in these humble missives. I worry that my readers will expect such top notch writing every time. I let it cripple me creatively unnecessarily. I know it's my own doing as I am my own worse critic. How does one get past that? I feel that my writing is similar to the broken clock scenario of being right at least twice a day. Or, as I am so fond of quoting, even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then. I think I'm more apt with quips, one-liners, and "drive by" comments than actual heartfelt articles.

Most of the time I have the attention span of a five year old. Something sparkly comes along, and off I go on a different tangent. I know my scattered brain must confuse my orderly fingers. The two are definitely an Odd Couple. My once speedy fingers have slowed with arthritis and age. They will be all set to spell out what I feel is a profundity in verse that the brain has cooked up, but before it can congeal into something coherent and printable, my thoughts have wandered elsewhere, leaving my frustrated fingers in mid-stride to figure out what in the world it was trying to say.

The conversation in my head:

Fingers: Was that an epiphany that just skirted by? Sounded good. Let's get this down on paper for the blog.

Brain: Huh? That was so 5 seconds ago. Keep up would ya?

Fingers: Well, you had a good thought there. Let's share it.

Brain: Oh, look, a squirrel ...

This is what I have to deal with every day.

I wonder how my readers share their thoughts. Do you have the same problem or am I just hopelessly weird? Do you put pen to paper and draw out an outline? I am so envious of those who can sit in front of the computer with a general thought and it all pours out and is still coherent. Whatever the choice it sure seems to work for the people I follow. I'm envious of your thoughts that are always so entertaining. Thank you for sharing yours.

~ Ride Safe ~


linda eller said...

I am not a smart person. I sometimes misuse English. But I am a talker, and at best try to get across what I am thinking or feeling. You, on the other hand, are exceptionly brilliant and I so enjoy every word you write. I have always looked to people who are wise and express themselves well. Even though I am now old and forgetful, I still love learning, and I learn from you daily. Keep it up!

Simply Linda said...

Ohhh something shiny..sorry been sitting here for 10 min, and then Dave came in..what was your question?--lol--in all seriousness, in agreeence with Linda. I also often loose not alone.

Sparky said...

@Linda Eller ~ Oh, yes you are a smart person! That's why your blog is always so entertaining. Proper spelling and sentence structure doesn't always denote intelligence. I'm just OCD with grammer. *lol* It's all those years working in a business office. I'm good at smoke screens. *smile* Thanks for the kind words.

@Simply Hilarious Linda ~ Your comments ALWAYS make me laugh! Thanks for the giggle thilly.

Luv ~:)

Vee said...

It is quite a process and difficult to explain. Each blogger does his/her own thing. I do it differently from one time to the next. Fun post!