Friday, November 1, 2013

Random Thoughts And Doings

I have been so busy working outside this week. It's a little too warm for October, well, now November, but it's still nice enough to be in the yard. The pine trees are shedding Big Time. Their spent leaves are so pretty around plants. City people have to pay for this, we get it for free. 

With all this lovely free pine straw I added copious amounts to my "Tranquility Base". One of my favorite things when the weather permits is sitting on the swing, reading an Agatha Christie and listening to the windchimes. It helps take the sting out of daily life. ~smile~


Now that The Boys are old enough they've started wandering farther from the house. They've figured out they can slip through the field fence ~little boogers~ that encompasses our 6+ acres, so, Sweetie is installing chicken wire to keep them in. $$cha-ching$$ Maybe now we can go for a motorcycle ride and not have to worry about their whereabouts or lock them up in their portable kennel.

Jack (left), Sam (right) laying on Lucy's legs

Good thing they're worth it. All together now ... awwwww. ~lol~

Now they have this new thing of sleeping in their toy basket. My step-mom, Myra, wove the basket as a gift to me over 30 years ago. I'm sure she would approve of it's use since she enjoyed dogs too.

~ Ride Safe ~


linda eller said...

Precious doggies and so glad you take such good care of them. Hope the fence works now.

Simply Linda said...

Boy, they sure act like Lucy is their mama, lol. Glad to see she gets along with them. How adorable.Us NY'ers don't have pine, thank gosh. I am allergic to it. lol--Have a blessed Friday evening.

Blackberry Lane said...

You have a lovely yard ~ that swing looks like the perfect place to read and listen to the windchimes.
Our former neighbor had puppy goldens that could wiggle thru the fence and he had to do what you are doing.
It was a pretty day with a good breeze; hope ya'll have a good weekend.

Deb said...

Hi Sparky - new follower coming over from Linda's blog. From your profile, it sounds like we have a lot in common. I love the picture of your puppies in the basket. Have a great weekend. I am now a follower looking forward to more of your posts.