Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Been A Hard Day's Night And I've Been Working Like A Dog

The day after Thanksgiving, we stayed busy. It was bloody cold for this part of the world, but still started on the chores.

First, I decorated the house inside and out. Put the tree up. Yeah, it's a small one this year. I used only the top part of the artificial. I'm concerned about putting something with pretty dangles on the floor with our new Jack Russell brothers will be just too much temptation.

Oh, and all the dogs "helped". [ha ha] As soon as I crank up The Mule, Lucy gets excited because she knows "Mommy is doing something outside! Oh boy!"

Jack and Sam, The "Jack Russell Terrorists". They certainly put the fear in all our squirrels now!  Get 'em boys!

Lucy "helped" too. She's my moral support.

Also made time to start [emphasis on start] burning the yard debris. Now that the trees are so huge I'm going to be picking up leaves for awhile. [sigh] I keep repeating, "I love my trees", "I love my trees" ...

Oh, and I also got all the Christmas cards with a newsletter ready for mailing on Monday. How cool is that? [smile]

Hope your day was productive and fun too.

~ Ride Safe ~


Jason and Michelle said...

we put up our artificial tree and nativity set. the younger boys went up on the roof and hung up the lights. we should have cleaned up the leaves out front- but its suppose to be breezy on sunday so hopefully they will blow away :)

Jackie said...

OK...I'm singing the song now!
:)) (You knew somebody would!!)
Love the photos...and your decorations are great. (I especially love the "Believe" bow.)
Cute JR's...and Lucy looks like she can keep them both in line if she puts her mind to it.
I can almost smell that fire. I love a fire and got myself a fire pit last year. Love to keep it busy this time of the year. (It doesn't get very cold here in South Georgia, but the first cold "spell" and I throw wood in the fire pit! :) )
Have a beautiful weekend.

Simply Linda said... the Beatles on my mind now, lol. Love your pictures, the boys are "healthy", lol. Have a blessed remainder of the weekend. Luv ya.

Simply Linda said...


White Lace and Promises said...

You house is adorable-like a little cottage. My dream house!