Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chocolate Was Created For Days Like This

I hate this time change. It has got me all messed up. I feel perpetually tired.

This morning I learned the disappointing news that my dear sister-in-law and her family who live almost 8 hours away can not make the trip up for Thanksgiving. Ok, that one made me teary eyed. *sigh* We hardly ever get to visit with one another, it seems. Doggone it I was really looking forward to having them all here. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times because it’s so family oriented, without the gifts or cards or other trappings of other holidays. It's just everyone getting together and sharing memories.

Then, the ’roaring lion looking for someone to devour’ (you know who I’m talking about) must have had me in his sights after that news for he sent one of my old time trolls to leave snarky, sophomoric comments on my Sunday post. Every time said troll opens her mouth, she shows her butt. “Really, woman, since we obviously don’t like each other, stop following me!“ Gosh. I don’t go to her blog and leave snarky remarks. I don’t even “follow” her once I figured out that her personality was to be bossy, rude, domineering and arrogant.  You’d think the bossy broad would get the hint. I really think some women are mentally ill and in need of serious therapy. They’re such Drama Queens. Take hormones or Prozac or get another hobby or something for goodness sake. Just so long as you go away so I don‘t have to start nuking any further comments!

Now I find out that one of our new little puppies (this is so gross and I apologize for the following) is eating his and his brothers ‘poo’. OH SUPER YUCK!!! Well, they go to the Vet tomorrow for more follow-up shots and a check-up. I’ll ask him about something that can stop this habit. Please tell me this is temporary and that it won't cost me an arm and a leg. We've had such an expensive past few weeks.

We live way out in the country, so, keeping the right amount of groceries on hand is really essential, especially on Sunday. Except for a convenience store, the remaining local stores are closed on Sunday. I didn't realize that our wares are getting low. Thinking we’ll have salad for supper, Hubby went into the kitchen to begin preparations. Almost all the food he wanted to make was rotten. Now how did that happen?! Oh well. There’s always the Upside Down Supper of toast, eggs and bacon but now we’re almost out of eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast. God is good. I have a full belly and I am thankful for that.

I thought, well, after all, all that's happened recently is not so bad. Nobody we love is sick or dieing or in pain or serious financial distress. I do have a lot to be thankful for. I’ll handle it all. I always do. But what a day.

I'm sure this is why God made dark chocolate for day’s like this. Right?! And tomorrow will be better.

~ Ride Safe ~



Simply Linda said...

So, so, so sorry dear friend.Yes, trolls are bad, yes, it is normal for the dog to eat that, and yes, life is good. Wish I could be there so poor Steve wouldn't have to hide (rofl--I assume he is like Dave, goes running for the hills when I am in a mood, lolol). Chocolate is good for days like these..sending you big hugs and leftover Tootsie Rolls/Halloween candy. BLESSINGS

Terri D. said...

Hello Sparky! Thanks for stopping by my page today! I see that we are both of the same page, politically!! For that alone, I will begin to follow your blog!! I will also enjoy learning more about you as we move forward. I would love to know where you are from, in central Florida?! We may know some of the same folks.

Good to 'meet' you! Terri D.

Jason and Michelle said...

I wonder why those who don't agree with someone's blog, make mean comments. I agree with you on finding a different hobby. Have a good week!

Sparky said...

Thanks y'all! You made me feel better. Today is pretty and cool. I feel mucho improved. :) And welcome Terri D.! I like your blog too. For my family history, it's at this link (or I'm adopted but spend most of my time researching my birth (biological) family. Long story. That would be so cool if we're cousins!!! Let me know, 'k?

I hope everyone has a blessed week.

Sparky ~:)

linda eller said...

I detest people who think they know it all,and think they are right and you are wrong. Block that person if you can, and move on.
You will enjoy Terri...she and Joe are super people; we have met and they are the same in person as in 'blogland'. I went to your family page and you do have a big bunch for sure. Happy Monday my friend.