Friday, October 4, 2013

Gob·ble·dy·gook Presidency And Other Observations


Noun informal: gobbledegook; noun: gobbledygook
1. language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms; nonsense.
synonyms:    gibberish, claptrap, nonsense, rubbish, balderdash, blather, garbage;
I feel that way many times these days. You know, that the “noise” emanating from the TV is gobbledygook. I hear it from our alleged President. I hear it from some ‘news’ [government mouthpiece] organizations. I hear it from the Hollywood left. I even hear it from supposedly sane people who think that it’s a good thing to obey everything that issues from the government’s mouth.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Pardon me for growling but it’s been a bit of a long week. And not just because of the pretend shut down by our newly self-appointed Federal Overlords. This shut down is so bogus.

Imagine 1,000 spigots in a row, flowing unabated with water careening unchecked everywhere. It’s causing major chaos with the flow and we‘re all gonna drown if they‘re not curtailed [shut down]. Now imagine that you reach over and turn down two of those spigots by less than one percent. Only two. And only a fraction of an inch. Do you think there’s any less danger of an overflow or reducing that chaos? Also, these “shut downs” have been deliberately chosen to hurt the American people the most by satan‘s child Barry Hussein himself. He, however, will not give up his golfing this week. Heaven forbid the “King“ should be inconvenienced!! [scowl]

The “shut down” is important to our country because right now it’s the only thing between US and the full implementation of Obamacare. I pray that the Republicans do not cave.

The Dem’s want this for political reasons. “Screw the country!” Must be their motto since it certainly isn’t “In God We Trust” anymore. (Last Dem convention, remember?)

So excuse me while I YAWN! everytime Turdboy gets on the TV and lies. I’m not interested in the Barry-cade Drama Queen moments. I hope it stays shut down. In fact, shut down the IRS. The EPA. The FDA. All of them. Our lives will be a lot safer, calmer and happier.

Another stressful moment for me this week was dealing with a problem at the private school that our 9 year old niece is enrolled in. A little background: because we’re all poor, the family has collectively put her in this school to protect her from the negative culture in the government schools. I agree with John Stossel. I don’t call them “Public Schools” anymore. He stated recently for Fox News Opinion how his reporting on America’s public school systems changed his views - Let's call our public schools what they really are: ‘government’ schools: “People say public schools are ‘one of the best parts of America.’ I believed that. Then I started reporting on them.  Now I know that public school -- government school is a better name -- is one of the worst parts of America. It’s a stultified government monopoly. It never improves.”

Totally agree John! They’ll never improve. It’s the government for goodness sake! They’re indoctrinating the nation’s children to be good little drones and always do what they say to do. We said “Huh!” to that. So, to a private, we thought, Christian school she goes with the focus on a classical education. And this is at great financial sacrifice to us and her parents, I might add. What happened this week? The school went and hired a former Government School teacher who has a nasty attitude and is a racist to boot. (She’s a Jamaican.) She has bullied, belittled and picked on our niece and a few other white kids. Now, the school is scared to fire her. Our straight “A” student, who loved going to school, went from that to being afraid to go to school with nearly failing grades in a matter of a month! Plus, the bullying was causing health problems for the niece. Therefore, we called the Head Guy at the school to let him know that if this isn’t resolved quickly, we’re pulling niece and money from the school. Several meetings later, lots of phone calls, tit-for-tat, back and forth and I think as of this writing, the predatory teacher issue has been resolved. Niece is back at the school.

For now.

It’s just been a stay angry week. And I don’t like feeling upset, or frightened, or that I want to pound someone until they’re bloody spot into the earth. [smile] I’d much rather get along, be happy and be left alone. But sometimes, one must make a stand. This was definitely one of them.

Anyway, to cheer myself up today, Hubby and I have begun the process of looking for a new puppy or puppies. Get this, Hubby wants two puppies, if we can, which is what I had been secretly hoping for but did not mention to him because I didn’t want him to feel pressured! God works in mysterious ways, my friends.

Please pray that we will find two “perfect“ dogs to join our little household. Thanks.

~ Ride Safe ~


Blackberry Lane said...

Your precious niece. I'm so sorry and will be praying about this.

TWO puppies! YEAH!!! You know I wish you all the best.

Love and hugs from the north!!!!!!

linda eller said...

I will begin with what the previous commenter said - love and hugs from the south! I loved reading this hit the nail on the head in everything you said and I totally agree. They should all quit and put us in...we would do a better job than they are. As for your precious neice, that is unexcuseable and bullying is a biggie these days and needs to be STOPPED. Happy weekend in look for the new fur babies!

Simply Linda said... dear friend, you know how I feel about this..and you know my opinions on the public school system.Ugh--don't even get me started. I will continue to keep you and your niece/family in prayers. --Can't wait to hear what you decide on the puppies. Blessings

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Sparky, have heard you shouldn't get 2 puppies from the same litter; they'll gang up on you, the alpha, and are harder to train. Only what I've heard though, don't know for sure but love the idea of 2 puppies...always want 2 of everything, except husbands.