Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And They Called It Puppy Love

Hallelujah, after searching high and low, we finally found two dogs that we could both agree on. What a trial this has been! It's been so hard for me since Maxie died. No dog will ever replace her but, doggone it, I was determined to move on. First we tried all the local pounds, even the big Pet Fair in Jacksonville, Florida, last weekend. No luck. I would venture to say that at least 95% of the dogs available for adoption in these places where big dogs. The where predominately Pit Bull or Lab / Pit mix. Too big for our home. And many of them where so badly scarred from fighting and neglect that they will have to be put down. Poor little things. I came away from those events in tears. It was so disheartening to see how people can be cruel to an animal that only wants to love you.

I was beginning to despair for finding a good terrier breed dog we could afford on our budget. But Sunday afternoon Hubby called a very nice lady that owns Callahan Kennels in Kingsland, Georgia, that was advertising a 12 week old litter of Jack Russell Terrier puppies in Craigslist. Yesterday, we made the one hour trip to view them and just fell in love. I was just going to buy one but when I learned there where two and they where so adorable and healthy, it was an easy choice. I'm glad I did that now because they never whine or feel homesick since they have each other.

So, meet brothers Jack (left) and Sam. They've been in our home since yesterday and to call them "hyper" is an understatement! [smile] Lordy! Now we Old Fogey's are really weary this evening. That's OK, though. They'll calm down and be housebroken. Soon. I hope. Today our wonderful Vet said they are very healthy, not a parasite to be found. Excellent news!

Lucy wonders about these
new fuzzy things in the house.

Lucy is taking it all in stride. She's such a good dog. Her left leg joint has been ailing her pretty badly too. I'm keeping her on doggie approved aspirin when necessary and an occasional partial beer. Bless her heart. With the join pain it helps her sleep and is safer than medicine.

Now you know why my posting and visiting blogs has slowed down.

But I think they're worth it. I like having warm fuzzies in the house again.

~ Ride Safe ~


Blackberry Lane said...

They are so cute and I'm happy they checked out great with the vet. I know you all will have a great time!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Sparky, I LOVE those new babies as well, their names. No one can ever take the place of someone who has gone ahead but if we have love to give one, we have love to give more. There are so many friends waiting for me; I'm in no hurry but it gives me joy to know I'll be welcome.

linda eller said...

The new additions are super cute, and healthy too. Enjoy!

Simply Linda said...

Awe! So cute! Poor Lucy :). Blessings

Jackie said...

So glad you have your two new babies....and know they will bring you lots of love.
J.R.'s are like B.B.'s in a box car.
Boundless energy....
Should be lots of fun!