Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Week So Far

Well, I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper-hanger this week. I had to have a YAG laser procedure performed on both eyes to improve vision quality. This had to be done on separate days, of course, so the doctor could charge the insurance company twice! sarcasm alert!! And I just love having my eyes dilated twice and then cooling my heels in a doctor’s waiting room for hours on end. NOT! Then Hubby ran over a nail with his Moto Guzzi. Because his Italian mistress has to have tires balanced in a certain way, that meant driving all the way down to Jax, and all the way back, to have the tire mounted and balanced properly. An entire day blown on that. Mix all those events in with the daily work and it made for a busy time in the Sparky household.

I am so looking forward to Fall. Even though it’s cooler than usual for August, I am tired of the heat, humidity, and bugs. I think I’ve only rode the V-Strom I think three times since summer officially started. Last time I rode was a short stint into Waycross to buy some grass fungicide. Because of all the rain, our grass has been getting some nasty Brown Spot. I wore all my protective gear but because of the heat index, I opted to leave my heavily armored Joe Rocket jacket in the closet. I was so nervous the whole time I was moving! There were quiet thanksgivings offered by me when I arrived home without any mishaps. Rather than do any more risky behaviour, though, I’ve parked the metal steed until it cools off a bit more. I thought about going for a night ride but do you know, in all the years I’ve ridden (since my early teen‘s), I’ve never had a bike out in the dark. For those of you unfamiliar with motorcycling, it’s a whole new dynamic when riding on two wheels at night. It is imperative to slow down, be highly visible and use even greater caution than usual. There’s all manner of dangers in the dark: critters, road debris, impaired drivers and so forth. So, for now, the “V” sits in the garage hooked up to the trickle charger.

My only sister-in-law worth speaking too, and I, are going to let our currently short hair styles go long. Since mine was so incredibly short when I started letting it grow out several weeks ago it was starting to look very unkept. So, I decided to have my local hair person trim it straight across the back and make the edges look neater. I’ve been doing the bangs myself. Now, hopefully when it grows out I won’t look like I should be on Food Stamps.

Our 34th wedding anniversary is this Sunday. I still have the pink wedding dress in the photo. I can’t wear it (must have shrunk?? … lol) but it is in the closet! To save money during the economic depression, we plan to stay home this year. Sweetie said he’s going to cook a super spectacular meal. He always does anyway, but I can’t wait to see what treats appear. I think the only thing that would make it even more special is if we could take the bikes out.

We’ll see …

~ Ride Safe ~


Blackberry Lane said...

I hope the eye procedure will improve your vision. I sure wish you two a happy anniversary; I know the meal will be delicious and extra special.
I'm with you...I am longing for cooler weather.
Best wishes with letting your hair grow long!

Simply Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!! Good luck on the eyes and the hair growing. Thanks for making smile. Yeah, the economic mess, it seems the President and congress didn't get the memo, did they? Blessings

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy Anniversary, Sparky! Great accomplishment and keep going. Nice manicure as well...y'all have a good time, enjoy the day and the memories. Sorry about the mistress and the trim looks good. (Make the mistress work for it, eh?) The eye surgery doesn't sound all that wonderful...ouch or is that YEOUCH!
Heal quickly!

Jason and Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I think that's sweet- 34 years.

Jason and Michelle said...

Happy anniversary. I think that is sweet that you and your husband have been together 34 years. The summer where I live has been great, I don't want it to end :). Hope your eyes feel better.