Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Fascinating Fungus Amoung Us

We've been getting a lot of lovely rain this year. Along with the green grass and budding trees, our yard is full of so many interesting mushrooms! I've been on a real tear taking photos everywhere. (Hey, I'm a poet and don't know it! ha ha) I didn't try to learn all the names since mushrooms are very difficult to identify unless you're practically an expert. There are so many varieties! Below are a few of my favorites from around our property.

~Ride Safe~


Thistle Cove Farm said...

And...fungus can also be used to dye wool. Sparky, did you know there's an international fungus dyeing society? they meet about every 4 years in different parts of the world.

Blackberry Lane said...

Love your photos! Interesting to read Sandra's comment above too!

Simply Linda said...

LOL. I thought you were going to discuss the fungus in Washington, LOLOLOLOL. --- Love your photos & I agree, Sandra's comment was interesting;)

Sparky said...

@Thistle Cove Farm ~ Now I never knew that! Some of our mushrooms are poisonous, so, judging by the way I cook [cough], I won't be attempting this any time soon.

@Blackberry Lane ~ Thanks! :)

@Simply Linda ~ Nah, fungus is something useful. Scum has no practical use. :)))