Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tranquility Base

Now that I no longer suffer from the debilitating Thoracic Outlet Syndrome pain, I try to not pass up an opportunity to work outside. Today was almost perfect: slightly cool, light breeze, sunny blue skies. Excellent painting weather too except for the Buick size gnats and the mosquitoes.

When we first moved here, I named different parts of the property just for fun I'm weird like that. I even name my cars and motorcycles. This area I dubbed "Tranquility Base". Years ago I used to sit here reading the Holy Bible or one of my many Agatha Christie mysteries.

The area was wall-to-wall leaves, overgrown trees, cats claw vines, potato vines, etc. The swing needed light repair which my Most Excellent Husband happily obliged. It was now ready for swingin'!

I raked the majority of leaves out of the area and put them in the new vegetable garden. Hey, never waste good mulch is my philosophy! Then repainted the repaired swing, hung two new wind chimes and planted shade tolerant flowers (Torenia) in an old black charcoal grill that I resprayed to match the swing and decorations. The orange colored Dwarf Azaleas are deformed from when the tree used to invade them. They are lovely this year in spite of the years of neglect. I'm hoping that once they're pruned and fertilized they'll look a little less scraggly.

Below is the Torenia. It's planted in an old charcoal grill I saved from the scrap heap.

I had never heard of Torenia until today, so, after getting home I looked up the flower on google and learned that this little beauty is in the Snapdragon family. 

Below, I hung an inexpensive cross wind chime over the plants. I gotta have my "tinklies". :)

Oh, and the Confederate Jasmine is in full regalia! The smell is so strong this year it wafts gently all over the yard. It's such a yummy odor. Even the birds & bees seem to enjoy it as much as we do.

I'm whopped now so I'm kickin' back with a brewsky and watching old Seinfeld reruns. Then I'll watch one of my pre-recorded old black and white movies. Hey, it beats the News these days. 

~ Ride Safe ~


Marydon said...

Wow! You are a busy little bee! Live the planter ... looking good, sweetie. Glad you are doing so much better now.
Big hugs,

Ron Russell said...

That site is simply lovely! I love the outdoors, and its certainly that time of year. Spring and fall are the best. I think we are on about the same latitude and I suspect our weather is about the same. Maybe I can get out more this year than last---I would like that. Couldn't really see those flowers well (ones related to snap-dragons, but kind of reminded me of grandmothers "sweet peas"!

Sparky Hudson said...

@Marydon ~ I know, ever since the pain stopped it's been hard to stop me! The only thing restraining me now is checkbook limitations. :)

@Ron ~ Google "Torenia" and better photos turn up. I guess they are similar to Sweet Peas. That's a good old fashioned flower.
I think we are at the same LAT, if you live in southern Miss. We live in SE Georgia, almost directly west of Brunswick 50 miles inland. Our bugs are epic this year. Hope y'all don't have them this bad.

Thanks for commenting folks! Have a great evening. ~:)