Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Day In Pictures: Southeast Georgia Countryside

Today it was quite pretty but too windy to ride comfortably. So we parked the metal steeds took the 'cage' (4 wheels for you non-riders) for a spin. All these photos were taken on Big Creek Road then Bennett Still Road in Bacon County, Georgia.

 This was an abandoned farm house
on Big Creek Road. From the outbuildings
still standing, they must have specialized
in raising tobacco.


A little ways from the above place,
just around the corner on Bennett Still Road,
Sweetie spied this cute little place.
The horses looked so contented and well fed.
Just had to snap a pic.

Hope you enjoyed the ride too on this lovely Sunday!

Ride Safe
~ Sparky ~


Ron Russell said...

The front of that old house reminds me of "Penny Patch" my old house in the country. Was part of my grandfathers old place. All that's left of that now is this little house and the 10 acres it sits on. My memories remain however. Here is a link to the old house, with my wife and me in front. Taken some years back. Barbara, my wife, passed away 2 years ago---she was 66! Penny Patch

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Sparky, it was a *lovely* ride and reminded me I need to have more FUN in my life. That's the curse of loving what I do...I forget to put it all aside and just have fun.

Lanny said...

Well that looks like a mighty fine ride, in a cage that is. I can't believe that every day isn't a good riding day away down there where y'all live.

Good to know you are still riding, even though you chickened out this time cuz of a little bitty wind.

Maple Lane said...

What beautiful scenery. Love your photos.