Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainy Night In Georgia

The Southeast has been [clearing throat] enjoying a great deal of rain since yesterday. We have had so much rain ... I know "How much rain have you had?!" Well that guy down the road is building a boat. Silly man. We've had so much rain, that even the bugs are complaining and want to come inside.

Ewww! [ha ha]

I'd much rather be riding! But since weather does not permit such frivolity, Sweetie and I are staying inside, cleaning the humble abode, and watching Fox News as the Republicans slowly cave to our newly appointed self-professed monarchy with his phony The World Is Coming To An End sequester mess. It's not enough cuts in my never-to-be-humble opinion. I say let all the Federal programs take cuts including the military. We are giving them way too much funding if we can afford to invade any country that we care to vilify at the moment. If we would bring them all home, including from Europe, the Philippians and Japan, look how much more money we'd have, how much lower our taxes would be and how much safer our borders would be. But nooooooo! That makes too much sense. So, onward we go towards financial destruction, real or imagined. [fingers in ears and humming]

Anyway, we are cleaning our own dirty stables. I try to clean the house well enough so that if Better Homes Than Yours shows up, it's an instant photo shoot.

What are all my bloggy friends up to today?

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