Saturday, February 16, 2013

Facebook Billionaire Pays No Taxes And Gets Refund

From Chicks On The Right:
Have you seen a lot of sites/pages shrieking over the past couple of days about Facebook not having to pay taxes and in fact getting a tax REFUND even though they profited over a billion dollars? Why be mad at Facebook? They are taking advantage, as they have every right to, of ridiculous tax incentives that our Representatives and Senators enacted. Blame the tax system. Blame the tax code. Shriek at Congress and the Senate. Demand tax reform. And then ask yourself, "Why isn't Obama calling out Facebook like he does the oil companies, who he's railed against for doing the same thing?"
The refund is $429 million dollars. And I have to agree with what COTR said. But why, oh why, won't our so-called 'President' or Senate say something about the corrupt tax system involving one of their rich boy friends.


I think I just answered my own question.

Our country needs tax reform badly. It's so unfair how taxes are handled now. Flat tax is the only logical answer.

[More about the story here and a fluff piece here.]

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

It ticks me off as well, Sparky. If O's toy boy isn't rich, who the heck is rich? In 2014, people will get a rude's going to cost the average 4 person family $20,000 for health care.
Idiots. We're surround by the people who are educated well beyond their means!