Sunday, January 27, 2013

Abortion Murders More People Than Guns

The American Thinker has an excellent article by Peter Heck, "An Honest And Horrifying Admission"
One of the main reasons I have been telling people in speeches, in writing, and on my radio program that I truly believe we are living in the midst of the generation that will end abortion in America is embodied in Williams' piece. The anti-life left can no longer hide behind some murky confusion of what's happening in the womb. They can no longer candy-coat what they condone. They can no longer pretend there is some great mystery to when human life begins.
I concur! Life begins at conception. Period. End of statement. Even for those who don't believe in our blessed Lord and God have to acknowledge that abortion is the murder of another human being.

I say we ban the REAL threat to human life: politicians who don't believe in the sanctity of human life and abortion clinics.

Sounds like a plan?

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