Friday, November 9, 2012

I Am Confused

Anyone else having trouble with, and are confused by, the "new not so improved" blogger? I SURE AM! As anyone who visits my blog lately (does anyone still visit??) has noticed, the right hand side of my blog now seems to reside at the bottom!! And I haven't changed anything except their templates.

Or is this problem just my computer? Maybe I should clean out my cookies or something? Which reminds me, there are some cookies in the cabinet ... opps, better not go there! [lol]

Anyway, I don't like this new blogger format.

I did sign up with WordPress "just in case" but I have found using their format even more confusing.

I'm also very confused by the election outcome, and I'm tired of thinking about it. It's amazing how destructive greedy stupid people are en masse.

Looks like my gut feeling was right: THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC IS OFFICIALLY DEAD. Most people want free stuff more than care where it comes from, or who has to pay for it. More people would rather be told what to think, than think for themselves. More people care more about the cult of personality than the rule of law.

Face it, we're screwed. America has passed the point of no return. The Constitution is dead. Sorry, Lord--we had our chance and we pissed it away. I humbly beg of You that we may learn from this failure and get it right the next time, whenever -- or if ever--that may be.

Prepare, pray and lock and load, y'all.

Aw, well, I'll worry about the blog layout and other things after the surgery. Oh, which reminds me, the Thoracic outlet syndrome surgery has been planned for November 27th at the local hospital. The doctor has to actually remove one of my ribs in order for the neck artery to become unblocked.

I think I'll spend my timing worrying about that instead. For now, anyway.

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Maple Lane said...

That's a mystery about your blog layout!
Keeping you in my prayers re you upcoming surgery.
In the meantime, enjoy the weekend.