Friday, October 26, 2012

Funny Friday ~ Golf

A woman was playing golf when she took a big swing and fell.

The party waiting behind her was a group from the White House that included President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Obama quickly stepped forward and helped her to her feet. She thanked him and started to leave, when he said, "I'm President Obama and I hope you'll vote for me this November."

She laughed and quickly replied, "I fell on my butt, not on my head!"


Lanny said...

Worthy of a good chuckle. And like Dirt would say, "that's funny, no matter who you are!"

Sorry to hear of your unresolved pain. Have you tried some of the exercises just in case that is it? I have the trigger thing I was so glad when I found it out and started doing the exercises and pressure I haven't had too many more episodes. It used to paralyze my arm something fierce.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

There have been several phone calls asking if "Pres. Obama can count on your support this November?" I ask, "what do you mean?" They respond, "will you vote for President Obama in November?" My reply, "only if someone holds a gun to my head."
Stunned silence.
them - "Soooo. You don't think he's doing a good job?"
me - "What part of $16 trillion in debt do you think is good?"
them - "Well, he got part of that from Bush."
me - "And Bush got his from Clinton. Don't you think it's time Obama put on his big boy pants and tried to be an adult? After all, he is the ruler...cough, sputter, sigh...of the largest country in the free world."
them - "Well, mam, I didn't call to argue."
me - "We're not arguing; in order to argue, there have to be two smart adults involved. You're unarmed."
them - click.

Sparky said...

Y'all didn't fall on your head either!! LOL
Thanks for stopping by. ~:)