Sunday, August 19, 2012

F-Word With Obama

"Vperod k kommunizmu" was a communist Soviet slogan (I'm told that roughly translated the slogan involves the "F" word Obama-Biden are so fond of using).

Iran named one of their satellites Omid (hope).

Ahmadinejad used "Yes we can" (Baleh, mi tavanim) as his own re-election slogan in 2009.

Birds of a feather....

The People's Cube

This election: let's educate ourselves with the facts on this Obamanation turdboy and all his heinous, underhanded shenanigans. The vile homosexual activists he's appointed to high office (Napolitano, Holder, etc., including Obama himself), all the laws he's openly and laughingly broken, the reported rampant drug abuse, etc. etc. Tell your neighbors, friends, enemies, loved ones, EVERYONE that will listen that this election is VERY important! Men especially must start voting again or our country and all our western European ideals of fair play and good works may be lost forever.

The future is in our hands. Only YOU with the power of God's help can knock this vile trash outta the White House for good.

To be f-warned is to be f-armed.

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