Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crossroads GPS $25 Million Adv Buy

The Peoples Cube

I found the link to the Crossroads GPS $25 million advertisment video at Legal Insurrection. To quote the Professor:
The first 20 seconds are powerful. Listening to Obama make excuses is powerful mockery, the most effective kind because it’s his own lame words. The last 10 seconds were not nearly as effective as listening to Obama make a fool of himself.


Let his own words be his downfall.

I PRAY that is so! I can't wait for this crapweasel to crash and burn. [Not literally if Big Bro is listening]

Let's all remember please to pray for all our fellow Patriots and especially for Crossroads and their donors. I hope this advertising campaign is effective.

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Simply Linda said...

Unfort. due to slow internet..can not view it. BUT, I find anything he has to say unbelievable. Sure do. Unfort. a lot of people feel the opposite. He makes me want to gag. PS I am sure big brother is watching. Not that I am a conspiracy theorists, lol.