Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare Remains Law

After months and months of waiting and speculating, the Supreme Court has finally decided to let Americans in on their dirty little joke, that they think that Obamacare is legal. Well, the libtards on the court do anyway. [duh] The conversatives voted against the ruling but where out numbered.


This ruling must be especially disheartening for the youth who are politically savy since they know they will be forced at the end of a gun to pay ever increasingly high taxes. It is the young who will pay for our elderly care. Over, and over, and over again.

Even the Dow has dropped nearly 100 points in the hour after the Supreme Court Obamacare decisions were announced, just after 10am. It dipped to 12,462 at its lowest point after having begun the day at 12,626.

The economy is tanking and there's nothing to stop it.

Next up:
- You will buy a Chevy Volt ... or pay a special tax.
- You will not engage in "dangerous" activites (motorcycles, sky diving, scuba diving, etc) ... or pay a special tax.
- You will have a specific, healthy, body-mass index ... or pay a special tax.
- You will have a cholesterol level below 190 ... or pay a special tax.
- You will vote democrat ... or pay a special tax.
- You will renounce all religious beliefs and worship your god the government ... or pay a special tax.
- You will work at the job we give you for the salary we dictate ... or pay a special tax.

Also, with Obamacare in place, every time someone buys or sells a house, they will be forced to give 3% of the earnings to the Obamacare pot.


Of course, the crapweasel O'Blamo is congratulating himself over this ruling. This is what he's wanted all along, to destroy America, one tax at a time. I am hoping, though, this ruling will eventually come back to bite him in the butt. I don't know about you, but even though I am a staunch Ron Paul supporter, I plan to cast a vote against Obama in November. I hope everyone else is planning this also.

Because those of us who love our country must stick together or we shall all hang together.


Marydon said...

While he is parading around bragging about HIS win, I'd like to be the one behind this jerk ...

Hopefully, Romney will get elected & stand behind his promises to get rid of this horrible ruling.

Disheartening for sure. Sad what has just happened to our blessed nation ...
he is the walking devil!


Sparky said...

Obama is truly a type of anti-Christ. It will be a very happy day indeed when he is thrown into the pit.

Simply Linda said...

All 3 of us totally 100% agree with what you wrote/said. Let me tell you, Liam is having a cow over this. And you know, for being 15, not to many youth are informed of what goes on (to busy social media(ing?)etc--well..he is.He is fired up.Welcome to Socialist America--or as my mil put it yesterday-Communism (sp-I know.). No one has answered my question. How about us ppl who do not pay taxes? Who don't have a income? What about us? How they going to penatlize (sp?) us? Really. So, the law is telling me that were not going to be covered.ALSO--Romney needs to stop calling it ObamaCare. He needs to call it what it is-A new tax. Ppl in general need to stop calling it that too--call it what it is. A TAX! for petes sake. I never thought I would live to see America heading down this road-we are no longer 'unique'-home of the brave and free. I just deleted what I really thought..never mind. Feel free Sparky to email me or delete this.Liam saids he is going to start a homegrown tea party website--you know..this kid is smart. (not tooting his horn, lol. btw--just saying) Before you know it, they will outlaw Homeschooling. Or tax it.I am getting off on a tangent. Sorry about that..this is a hot topic in our home.

Sparky said...

@ Linda ~ I would NEVER delete anything from you, my friend! And it's a hot topic here too. I'm so proud of Liam!! We need more young TEA party people who will "fight them in the streets ..." if necessary. Judge Andrew Napaltano said this will lead to another Civil War. I almost flew outta my chair shouting YES when he said that. Well, God is still in control. We'll see what the future brings. BTW, I understand that the law states that States can not be forced to participate and the IRS can not enforce it either. This law really has no teeth.
Luv & Hugs to all there ~:)

Simply Linda said...

I read that too--about the enforcing. Rush said yesterday that if Romney were to be elected (ha ha, lol)--all he has to do is ignore and announce he isn't going to enforce it, he can bypass the Congress just like Obummer is. Exective order-whatever it is called. And whatever happened to due process? They never gave it to the people to vote. Rush, Hannity, Beck..they sure make you think (we listen to them on the radio).I wish the majority of ppl would wake up and listen.

Thanks for the nice comment about Liam-yeah he is a hoot, lol. We might be sending him to GA when he gets back from his mission trip, the middle of July to help out with his uncle. Those 2 will def. get in trouble. (not really, lol.) Their 2 peas in the pod those 2.