Thursday, June 7, 2012

Now That's A Slap In The Face

You think our politics are heated?! Apparently Greece has got one up on us there.
Greek Communist Party member Liana Kanelli has described the moment she was hit in the face during a live TV debate.

Neo-nazi Golden Dawn spokesperson Ilias Kasidiaris was seen throwing water at SYIZA's Rena Dourou and then slapping Liana Kanelli.

"I was ashamed of the political image of this country," Kanelli told Radio 4's PM programme."I said, what are you doing? Then he raises his hand and he boxes to my face. [...] [link]

He boxed her HARD several times, in fact.

Too bad that lady wasn't armed. I would love to have seen her pull out a weapon and end the argument.

And we're being told that Nazi's are not dangerously unbalanced people ...


e.f. bartlam said...

How 'bout those "men" that just sat there and let it happen?

That country is in for some real trouble I think.

Simply Linda said...

Unfort..we are on the decline of morals and values. Here and overseas. Miss ya Sparky!! Blessings

Marydon said...

Did you see what OMB now stands for?
Obama Must Go!!!

Love it!

Hope all is going well with you.

Have a great eve ~