Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Words I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore

10 Words I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore
by Sparky

There are some misused, or made up words and phrases that are getting on my very last nerve. Below are ten of them:

1. Bad Ass ~ When tattoos where scarce and one whispered the name Hell’s Angels under ones breath for fear of being heard, this phrase used to hold some meaning. But now due to overuse it’s lost all it‘s thrill. I also see this phrase a lot when perusing Craigslist.com looking for another motorcycle. It’s not gonna make me buy your product! Grow up, would ya?!

2. Climate Change ~ The weather is always changing. Stop being politically correct about something that’s perfectly normal.

3. Crisis ~ A Zombie attack would be a crisis, otherwise, very few happenings are. Using this word out of context diminishes true crisis’s if or when they occur.

4. Epidemic ~ Fox News had some overpaid do-gooder Holier Than Thou guest spouting that one again this morning. He said that ‘1/3 Americans are obese and that it’s an “epidemic” …’. Excuse me?! That’s not an epidemic. A virus killing thousands or turning them into Zombie’s would be an epidemic. Besides, this just means that 2/3 of Americans are undernourished. My opinion is to put them on a milk shake diet and they‘ll be healthy.

5. Fetus ~ This modern word robs children of their humanity so women won’t feel guilty committing murder.

6. Frickin’ ~ Ok, I know this word is used to replace another unnamed filthy word. We all know what it is. It’s juvenile. I’m really, really tired of hearing “frickin’” this and “frickin’” that! English is the most beautiful, versatile language in the world. If one must be melodramatic about every event in your otherwise boring lives, please try a more appropriate adjective? Thanks so much.

7. Like ~ Using “like” out of context is annoying in the extreme. A good slap on the head by their parents should put a stop to that.

8. Miss Spoke ~ Plain and simple, this new phrase is a cover up used by politicians (think Clinton) for the old familiar word LIE. You don’t “misspeak”, you lie. It’s more liberal double-speak.

9. Near Miss ~ This one never has made any sense to me. When two airplanes fly past one another, they either MISS or HIT each other. There’s no such thing as a “near” miss.

10. Viral ~ There has to be a better word than this. Perhaps “popular“? Viral sounds like an epidemic to me.

Well, I feel better.

That’s my list. What’s yours?

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