Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ron Paul Revere

h/t GrrrGraphics

My oath is to support and defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Obama has committed treason over and over again. We have a domestic enemy in the White House including most of the Senate and Congress. I pray that voters remember that this November.


Simply Linda said...

Unfort. the Republican party has picked Romney, Paul isn't the guy. Unfort. OBummer is going to win it again, now don't get mad, I am just saying..UNFORT!! Romney is not the guy to beat him. UNFORT.---any of the other candidates would of been better than Romney. And I like Paul, I liked Santroum (sp?). ANYWAYS--Not liking Romney.

Simply Linda said...

I had posted/replied a comment.Not sure if it took. ANYWAYS--in a nutshell--UNFORT. Romney is the Republican party pick. I like Paul. UNFORT. OBummer is going to win again, as Romney is not strong to win against OBummer. (now, don't get mad, just saying..)--I LOVE YOUR NEW BACKGROUND/HEADER!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! BLessings

Sparky said...

I couldn't venture to guess what the November outcome will be. Every day brings a new gaff by the Demoncrats. It's a pretty done deal that flip-flop Romney will be nominated by the Repub's. Ron Paul is still in it to keep the Libertarian ideals alive. Who knows that can happen!?

Anyway, personally, I think O'blamo is SO hated now that most people would vote for a shaved gorilla over this moron and the veep from hell. I guess time will tell. One thing for certain, it sure is interesting! :)