Friday, April 20, 2012

Me, From A To Z

I've received a challenge to explain who I am from A to Z. So here's my vain attempt at such a task:

A - I love any food made with Apples. I even like the Aroma.

B - Wild Birdwatching is a much favored hobby.

Our little country road.
C - Living in the Country is the only place for me.

D - I love my Doggies. Ok, I just love doggies period. :)

E - Just had two Eye surgeries for cataracts.

F- I've got more Friends than I deserve.

G - I'm a Genealogy addict. And I like Guns.

New wheels!
H - Happy to be married to wonderful my Husband.

I - I dislike Injustice. Intensely.

J - Jesus is my Saviour.

K - I get my Kicks on two wheels.

L - Lilac colored flowers are in bloom everywhere right now.

M - I live, eat, dream, think, talk, breathe, function best around: Motorcycles.

N - I lean towards Neat freak but have my messy moments.

O - I am an Only child.

P - Love digital Photography!

Q - Been told I'm Quirky. Is that just a nice way of saying "weird"?

R - Did I mention I like Riding motorcycles?! :)

S - Snakes are cool.

T - One can never have Too many motorcycles.

U - For me, the Unknown is not to be feared but is to be explained.

V - Vtwins rock!

W - It's always two Wheels for me.

X - I dislike getting X-rays. For any reason.

Y - One of my favorite words is Yes, let's go for a ride.

Z - Would you believe there's a motorcycle called Zundapp?

Now, how cool is that?!

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Maple Lane said...

What a fun read, Sparky! You did a great job. You know I'm gonna dream about that snake tonight, right??!!! Thanks for playing along.