Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Bye First Amendment Rights

This is a "while you where sleeping ..." moment.

Did you know that it is now illegal to protest anywhere near or around "President" Obama? Or anyone else with an SS (i.e. Jack Booted Thug) detail.
HR437, "the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011" makes it illegal to protest in the vicinity of anyone who rates a Secret Service detail (even if you aren't aware of the person's presence), thus sparing politicians and VIPs the ugly and unseemly spectacle of having to confront voters who disagree with their policies. Only three Congressmen voted against it.

Does the term "unconstitutional" come to mind? Well, YEAH! And this is A Big Deal!

You know who one of the three that voted against it, don't you. Yep, Ron Paul.

And this is just one law in a long list of unconstitutional laws passed since the O'blamo coup d'état. Do we even have a Constitution anymore?

Gosh, I miss living in America.

Sweet dreams.

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debber said...

VERY scary. I just heard about this on Talk Radio. You won't hear about it much anywhere else.