Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh Crap

Holy Crap! Can you believe what O'Blamo said the other day? The Narcissist And Cheat pretty much said that our Lord Jesus would tax us at the point of a gun to give to others [paraphrased but that's what he was essentially saying]?! If any of us do not pay our taxes, the Feds can threaten, jail, steal all our worldly goods, and kill everything you own all "legally". Just try not paying your taxes folks and see if I'm not right. When O'Bummer quoted our Lord from the Holy Bible I was completely, totally, and forevermore outraged. I'm sure any other Bible believing Christian was as well. I understand that even those that do not even profess Christ are outraged. Here's a good commentary on this subject: link . And be sure to take the time to read the comments below. They are priceless.

I'm staying home today, as I've done since after New Years. Yeah, yeah it's Sunday, some people's "holy day" but it's not mine. I believe that every day the Lord gives me is "holy". I'm quitting our local church that we've been attending for four Christmas'. Long story short, I think this church is quite literally dieing since our old members are dieing off and there is no one to replace them. "The Dragons" (the ones that decided to ignore & "defriend" Hubby and I on Facebook awhile back) control every aspect of the Church, there is very little community outreach and the Pastor, whom I used to admire, and I had 'words' over this subject recently on Facebook. So boring. I do not like Facebook now and have quitted it forever. Facebook makes it too hard for people to see the smile on my face or the gentle way I try to say things. It's too easy to be rude. I guess I've crapped in my mess kit. Oh well. I noticed the world is still spinning today and Jesus still loves me. So I'm not perfect like the churchy le femmes' think they are. I'm not the choir director, I don't print the weekly bulletins, I don't decorate the building, I don't donate the most ... yadda, yadda, yadda. What did we have 'words' over? Well the Pastor thinks that someone is "good" because they do all these things but still they can still support a communist, tyrannical, narcissistic baby killer for public office. Yeah, that's the 'gist of what it was about. I told him that was stupid. With specious thinking like that, I could do all those church things and be a serial killer but they would still defend me?! THAT'S IDIOTIC!! Well, whatever, on I go. I will still witness for Christ in my own small "non-good" way. I still love the Lord God but most importantly He loves me. I'm not perfect and don't pretend to be. May He use me with all my faults to help others come to Him. I will still have my fellowship with my Lord by praying and reading the Bible and any other publication that "rightly divides the Word of truth".


Auntie Em said...

Hey Sparky! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yeah, guess Obowmow forgot the part about "free will" being part of the religious experience.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

I enjoyed your comments (though am sorry you seem to be sideways with some members of your church), and appreciate the link to my own humble blog.

And you're right - electronic communication (like Facebook) makes it too easy for people to misconstrue things that are said. Sarcasm, whimsy, and wryness can all get lost without the sound of the human voice, and misunderstandings spiral into quarrels. Sadly, it happens to me all the time, too.

Lanny said...

We haven't gone to church since 2007. since 2003 if a person thinks house churchin' isn't real church (which actually we found it to be too much like "church" for us). We, Dirt and I and another couple, have decided to live like we really mean it when we say, "we are the church". We've said that for years, but because we were still "going" to church or "blonged to 'a' church" it was still hard to remember that, like you said, every day is the same unto the Lord, every day is His and when we accept Him we enter into His Body and His Body is the Church. We can't "go" to church any more than we can go or do "Vick"on one day and not so much the next. We just are. And we fellowship whenever we realize we are with one or more believers.