Sunday, January 15, 2012

House Architecture Style Question

For all my wonderful followers out there, I have a quick question please. Does anyone recognize this diamond style? Most of the decoration had deteriorated and disappeared. It appears that it was used to decorate all around the house. Just curious as to what it's called.

The abandoned farm house is located in Bacon County, Georgia. Very unusual looking, I thought. It's quite old.

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

Thanks! :))


Marydon said...

Haven't seen that style before, Sparky ... tho it is really neat!

How are you doing?

Have a lovely week, my friend

Sparky said...

We're hunkey dorey, thanks! Just hit a creative 'block' lately and haven't felt like posting or commenting.

Another friend mentioned this design is called "lozenge" (prononced same as throat lozenge). The design does fit.

Thanks for popping by!

Sparky :)

Anonymous said...

That's very pretty and I don't know that I've seen anything exactly like it before.

Wishing you both a good week.

Steve Bailey said...

You know it looks very familiar to a bunch of the houses I saw when traveling through Switzerland?