Sunday, July 31, 2011

Texas Hill Country Vacation

In late May, early June of this year we journeyed to the Texas Hill Country again. There in the quaint town of Boerne we met with good friends Kirk & Linda [flew in from Maine], Dave & Kathy [who live in the area] and Pappy & Bebe from south Texas. Even though it was hot for so early in the year and unseasonably dry, I think a great time was had by all. We're all motorcyclists, so of course, we had to spend at least one day riding through the lovely countryside. What a neat place! There's always something to do in the Hill Country.

The photos are bit out-of-order since the original site I stored them at ( was too confusing to use. Therefore I had to upload the whole enchilda to the hard-drive, then upload them to shutterfly. That jumbled the photos! *sigh* *shaking head* Everything is bass-ackwards now.

Kirk's on-line birding journal is here. He did a splendid job of cataloging the trip! I didn't even attempt such an undertaking.


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Mildred said...

Hi Sparky! What a fun trip. I enjoyed the scenery and especially the flowers, cacti. I also love your straw hat. You certainly have needed one for sun protection this summer. Hope you are continuing to feel pain-free. Any trips scheduled for Autumn?

Sparky said...

Hi Mildred my friend ~ I think we might make a short jaunt to western NC to drive the pretty Fall roads. I don't know. We'll have to wait and see how the economy goes. Pain-free ... so far. Hope it holds. [fingers crossed] Thanks for stopping by! ALWAyS love hearing from ya. Prayers for all in your camp. xx

Marydon said...

Sweet Sparky ~ I have soooo enjoyed our travels with you. Awesome photos, scenery & interesting sights. Don't know if we've been there yet, but sure a beautiful area ... & look at those gorgeous flowers.

Harold said when you get up this way, he'll arrange a tour of the Flying Dog.
Have a great week.

Sparky said...

Cool beans!! I'd love to tour the brewery. They probably have a tour for visitors like our "local" Anheiser Busch plant does. That would be fun ... and TASTY!! [ha ha]

God bless to you and Harold. :))

Linda said...

AWESOME! Thanks for emailing us!! Thanks for leaving comments too. That sure means alot. Blessings