Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erin Go Bragh Y'all

Sweetie and I are headed to a late lunch with friends at an Irish pub in Brunswick, and there'll be wearin' o' the green to be sure. I also have a flashing shamrock lights necklace to wear while drinking me green beer. YUM!

This has Embarrassing Moments written all over it, doesn't it!?

I'm sure there will be humorous photos to follow. :)

Hope everyone has a fun day. Be sure to post your funny photos tomorrow.

Erin Go Bragh Y'all!

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Lanny said...

I'm a bit behind on the posts (when aren't I, but this time I have an excuse) but I really need to post what Dirt brought home for our Saint Patrick's Day feast when he couldn't find what we sent him for! Lets just say the connection was "island"!