Monday, February 7, 2011

More Remodeling: Hallway Project

As it is true in most of America this weekend, the weather has been dreadful: cold, wet, overcast, and just plain nasty. It's impossible to do anything agreeable outside for more than 5 minutes. So, we decided to proceed with our house remodeling project. I was going to wait for our finances to catch up, but, hey, it's only money.

We plan to install more Pergo flooring, same color as the office. Before installing the new flooring in the hallway, though, the walls had to be painted. They're all scuffed, dented and faded. It's been about 10 years since the last painting.

Yeah, it was time.

Here we go:

It takes a lot of preparation
before opening the first paint can
to get it right.

Sweetie had to do all the cutting in
higher than my face. My neck problems won't allow
such dramatics anymore.

Letting the first coat dry.
NEVER buy Velspar Signature Series (Lowes) paint.
There's no other word for it ... it's crap.
One coat covering my arse! It was as thin as water,
and we thought it would never dry!
It's expensive too. I should have demanded my money back.
Next time it's Sherwin-Williams all the way.

Many hours later, the latex paint is still drying!

Since this paint is so sorry,
and it's so expensive, I thought it best
to install a chair rail to protect our investment.

Sweetie installing the chair rail
with his new brad nailer gun.
Yeah, another expense ...
Well, we did need it.

There ya go! A nice new chair rail.

Our new living room wall!
The vivid colors really dress up the furnishings and pictures,
don't ya think?!
Nothing shy about the way I decorate. :)

Now comes the really fun part of repainting all six hallway doors bright white. And it's NOT the Velspar brand, thank you very much. The white paint on them now is so old it looks grey. Then comes the pulling up of almost 20 year old carpeting, cleaning the area throughly, and buying the multiple packs of Pergo flooring.

Then, of course, the actual installation. *sigh*

There went the budget this month ... *giggle*

I keep telling myself, "I'm having fun", *ouch* "I'm having fun" *ouch* ...


Lanny said...

I love color! Intense rich color! Everywhere! Is that a blue green on your other walls in the living room?! I don't think I have any more beige walls, the office upstairs comes the closest with a rich latte color, but that was Dirt's request. We are doing some remodling ourselves, I hope that we will be done in about three years. The screen porch is the current job, not too much to it, mostly paint and a new coat rack and cubby, new screens and a completely new concept, clear vinyl pannels over the screen pannels in the winter (now that it's nearly over). Then we finish the living room, then the Laundry/Fiber House, then the bathroom (next spring). All the while doing Farm Building Projects too. Yikes, on "paper" it looks like we'll never be done.

Your hall is looking great! I'm looking forward to the rest of your redo.

Linda said...

YOUHOO!!! :)--- I love the color. Really I do. smiles