Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Are Barbarians In Gilded Cages

It has been my belief for many years now that this descent of women in the eyes of the world is also the descent of all mankind. Women always have been, and always will be, civilization itself. This is not meant as a slight to men. Y’all have your own important chores to perform. But it's up to us ladies to teach others what is acceptable, what isn't, and to care and nurture children. Our wonderful Western European culture seems to be reverting back to it’s old barbarian ways.

Recently, I read an article by Mr. Jim Mahoney in the American Thinker. He starts his article [The Descent of Woman] with these thoughts:
For over fifteen centuries in the world touched by Western civilization, Christ's mother embodied the feminine ideal. During this time, the Virgin Mary's dignity extended to all women.

She inspired the arts and literature. Most importantly, she inspired mothers who in turn inspired their children to honor and respect femininity. The age of chivalry was a product of the veneration of women who modeled themselves on the Mother of God.

Makes ya think doesn't it? Women used to enjoy a spot on a higher plane than what we’ve settled for these days. He goes on ...
Such women behaved and dressed modestly. Not only did their modesty conceal their physical charm, it also masked whatever blemishes nature may have imparted. Most of all, free of physical distraction men attuned to the spirit appreciated the vastly more important and enduring qualities of their women. They understood true beauty: the beauty of the soul.

Beauty of the soul. Think about that pearl of wisdom for a minute. Do we see any respectful representations of womanhood these days on the TV or in a film? Not very often. And ladies, lets admit it, do we deserve to be respected? Look at the Movie Stars or other prominent pig women [what I call them] we presume to admire in the media: Cameron Diaz, Lady GaGa, Madonna, any female “star” that comes to mind. It's slim pickens for proper young ladies to emulate out there!
If there were an enemy bent on destroying all humanity, he would find no better place to start than by destroying femininity. Despite social pressures to the contrary, women will probably always form the next generation. "Liberating" young girls from a model of purity and docility to God and supplanting it with a burden of guilt, shame, and rage would breed mothers who would inevitably infuse their children with resentments and hostilities thereby creating a self-propagating blight sure to infect future generations.

I'm one of the millions of women that are a victim of the “liberating” Feminist Movement and the Zero Population Birth garbage that was spouted with great vigor in the 1960s and 70s. All these things are a worse teaching than the New Math [Remember that one? Thought I never would learn how to multiply!]. Mind you, I enjoy voting and owning / inheriting property! Those rights should not have had to be fought for. Our female ancestors should have demanded that respect hundreds of years ago.

I thought to achieve and be "successful" I had to be more like a man in the business world. I neglected having a family because of it. At least I never murdered an unborn child, so, that’s not weighing on my conscience. But, it's still a barren, empty existence to have had a "wonderful" career but no children. Your career won't call you up on birthdays or holidays, nor care if you've eaten in three days or if the heater is still working on cold nights. It's an empty feeling indeed. It's much more important to be a good mother and wife. The rewards of being a loving parent outweigh any amount of money a person can make. Money is only created by governments so they can tax us. Money is fleeting. But real love ... love is everlasting. Love is forever.

Although late in life, in my own small way, I’m trying to better myself. Maybe in this one humble change, I can make a difference in our society. It's a rough road but I'm an eager student. I am: reading the classics [it’s valuable for learning manners, proper English, etc.], reading the Holy Bible more [for a better moral compass, trusting in Christ is essential!], reading history books [to preserve our culture], turning off the TV or only watching dignified shows. I’m trying to speak more respectfully to and about others, not be slanderous or vulgar. It’s OK to disagree and speak the truth but there’s no need to be rude. I try refraining from wearing clothing in public one couldn't wear to church [honest to goodness I wish printed T-shirts would go out of fashion] and so on. Of course, it’s impossible to dress nice on my motorcycle but at least I can try to look better.

If we could all teach the younger generation these values, our culture will benefit from it. It may take a whole generation, or it may take 20 generations, I don’t know, but things would get better again. Remember ladies our strength is in our feminity.

And those are My Thoughts Exactly.


ChaChaneen said...

Amen sister! By the way, how is your nephew doing these days?

Always On Watch said...

I, too, did not have children -- although not for the reasons mentioned here. Rather, I was busy caregiving my grandmother and my parents. And, now, I caregive my husband and, at the same time, hold down a part-time job to pay the outrageous medical bills.

Mr. AOW and I did help to rear one of my younger cousins, however, This younger cousin is the joy of our lives today. Unfortunately, she doesn't have much time for us as she has a family of her own.

I agree with you that the Feminist Movement did rob us of so much that matters in this life.

Norma said...

"I try refraining from wearing clothing in public one couldn't wear to church [honest to goodness I wish printed T-shirts would go out of fashion] and so on."

Considering the jeans and t-shirts I see in church, this isn't much of a challenge. I still wear a skirt or dress to church, and feel totally out of sync with everyone else. My own vow upon retirement was not to wear sweats and athletic shoes in public (except to exercise class), but after 10 years I do occasionally go to the store dressed that way after exercise class.