Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Get Together

D, C, Bob, and Amberlee (insert)

It's been awhile since I've posted, hasn't it? I was tempted to stop blogging but I do enjoy sharing, even if I don't get many comments. And it is all about ME anyway, huh? *giggle*

We traveled to one of my in-law's homes for Thanksgiving. Had a splendid time! Aren't they a lovely family? Ok, I'm prejudice but I think they're the greatest.

Amberlee is growing like a weed. She's so bright and fun to be with.

Her brother, Bob, is quite ill right now. He was sleeping almost round the clock and had no energy, so, his mom took him to the doctor. Turns out he has thyroid cancer, type as yet undetermined. What a shock! Well, we'll deal with it together. He goes for a biopsy next week so that treatment(s) may begin.

Hubby and I are doing well. He has completely recovered from his partial knee replacement therapy. We take a two mile nearly every day. He's doing so good.

Doggies are all healthy. I'm amazed that our 12 year old Maxie still acts like a puppy many times. She's the healthest miniature schnauzer I've ever had.

So, for the most part, we are doing well. What life throws us, we have learned to deal with it. We have much to be thankful for. I pray that all my blogging friends are healthy and happy.


steviewren said...

It's nice to know you and hubby are doing sad about Bob. I'm sending my best wishes for his recovery.

ChaChaneen said...

So glad to see you posted here! Amberlee is such a big girl now, oh my stars! That is sad news about Brother but God knew about it before we did and he will use it for eternal value. My prayers for their family and his COMPLETE healing Spark!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sparky, Thank you for the Christmas wishes. Beautiful photo above and I'm sorry about Bob. Keeping you all in my prayers. We definitely know the power of prayer.
My delay in responding...John found out last week he has narcolepsy and diabetes in addition to his other problems. We have been trying to gather up the new meds etc. and I've been on an extended break from blogging.

Like you, I often think I should give it up but you know what? I love my blog friends and appreciate the contact and prayers through both the good and the bad times.

Merry Christmas to you and Steve.
That Amberlee is a doll!

Marydon said...

What lovely pics Sparky, Amberlee is adorable. Lifting Bob for his needs.

Glad you had a lovely time ... & NO you can't quit blogging, I'd miss you ... tho many a time I've thought about throwing in the towel also.

Hugs & love sweet friend ~