Monday, December 27, 2010

How Was Your Christmas?

The tree was decorated with our traditional bright shining baubles and sparkley lights. It was beginning to be bitter cold outside. The next day was incredibly wet and windy. Alas, no snow though. But we remained nestled inside close to a heat source and hot tea.

The house was filled with the mouth watering aromas of cooking turkey and other goodies. It was so tempting that even the dogs were eager with anticipation.

One advantage to being married to a cook, suddenly, like magic, the food appeared! It was good too. :) Even the doggies got a little plate of lean turkey and a vegtable.

So I pray that everyone had as happy and peaceful a Christmas as we had.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sparky, What a beautiful Christmas tree and that dinner looks wonderful. It tickles me to see your doggies lined up waiting for some turkey! It's been cold here too and we have really been enjoying hot tea with lemon and honey. Happy New Year wishes to you and Steve.

steviewren said...

Being married to a cook is a nice Christmas present. Your day sounds cozy and warm.

Happy New Year!

Sparky said...

Hi Mildred,

The doggies were so cute, lined up waiting for a treat.

Do you know, it is still bitter cold here, and still no snow! There was even snow south of us, but not here. What a rip. :( *giggle* Well, at least the sun is shining today.

God bless!

Sparky said...

It is a wonderful gift being married to a cook Stevie. :) Hope y'alls day was happy too. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

It is extremely cold and windy here. We had friends traveling from MI to FL who stopped by last night. They had been on the road for 12+ hours. They left out again early today for FL. Wish I could have gone with them!!! Stay warm and give those doggies a bite of turkey!

Lanny said...

I could go for some snow, I could even go for some cold, woke up early here on Christmas eve to forty-five degrees. Your Christmas looks like it was a lovely day. I'm so very glad. We find ourselves transitioning to having children to "do" for to three adults living and doin' together. The children, two very nice little boys, arrive on Christmas for a few hours, and 'cept for that I am no longer responsible for a child's Christmas. So we are looking at what an adult oriented Christmas looks like. Which I think I am ever so grateful for, a few fewer tears when the glue gun doesn't cooperate or the craft doesn't look like the picture in the magazine. And I can turn the music as loud as I want!

I'm a cook married to a cook living with a cook. I turned over the cooking to Dirt and Bet. Dirt decided he only likes the all day Brunch buffet, no sit down. Guess I'm glad I didn't buy some new place setting decorations to accommodate the newlyweds!

Stay warm!

Lanny said...

By the way, I thought you had ditched blogging for facebook, glad to see the rumor isn't true, now I'll put you on my new Reader!

Sparky said...

Lanny, You always make me *LOL*! Nah, I'm still here and still full of ... vinegar. :)) BTW, THANK YOU for the lovely (homemade?) Christmas card! I'm gonna save it. Beautiful! Surprisingly, it arrived with my Sparky name in the address. Should I be scared that the government knows all my names??!! *giggle* Thanks for thinking of me pal. Sparky

Karen said...

What a lovely table and tree. We still have several inches of snow here in Indiana but not as much as the Northeast!! Happy New Year to you. (I came over from Mildred's blog)

Sparky said...

Thanks Karen! It's always nice to hear from another of Mildred's friends. Y'all stay warm. :))

Marydon said...

G'morn, Sparky ~ So love the pooches ... cute! Is hubby out for hire as a chef? Looks wonderful. Your tree is so full of beauty, love the windows back drop.

We are after 4 days of high winds, mellowed out ... that was nasty & bleating cold. We only had a mere dusting of snow despite it snowed all day on Christmas, but that gave us such a beautiful added atmosphere to the day.

So glad you are back up & blogging, sweetie. Had truly missed you.

Have a beautiful day.

We are having terrible computer issues, dumped some followers, dumped some messages sent to bloggers on blogs, bought a new computer & MERCY! what a time he is having with it to 'get up'. Doing the best we can. Using another's ...

Hugs & love ~
HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Sparky said...

Thanks Marydon! So sorry to hear about your computer woes. I, too, dislike trying to get a new computer "just right" [such a pain]. Hope your's is up and running smoothly soon with little drama. God bless ya pal. Stay warm up there! :))